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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (19)

His hand was icy, without the slightest hint of warmth. Lu Yan suddenly felt nervous; she had never had skin-to-skin contact with Qiao Fei.

She was really scared, really really scared. What if Qiao Fei never woke up? What was she supposed to do then?

At this thought, she raised Qiao Fei’s hand and carefully placed it on her cheek, hoping to warm him up.

“Qiao Fei, wake up… I’ll never avoid you again, and I’ll never piss you off. When you get better, let’s kill that pervert, Ian, together. Let’s beat him up until even his grandma can’t recognize him…”

Suddenly, Lu Yan’s phone vibrated and beeped quietly, prompting her to let go of Qiao Fei’s hand and get up from her seat.

“Go ahead, this is Lu Yan.”

“Boss, there’s a 200 million job in Spain, should we accept?”

“Accept my ass, I don’t have time. I’m not accepting jobs for the time being.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“What else do you want?”

“Your nieces’ presents are ready, do you want me to send them over now? Or should we wait…”

“Wait my ass, if you don’t send it over now, when are you going to send it? Are you waiting for them to both get married?”

“Um… okay, I got it, Boss.”

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up,” Lu Yan said before her subordinate could reply, feeling annoyed.

Truth be told, her temper sucked, and she was often grumpy. The fact that she had been killing her entire life, and that her favorite toys were guns and bombs gave her little patience about anything.

Even her own father would avoid chit-chatting with Lu Yan, or else they might get into a fight.

She was completely different from her sister… Ever since Lu Yan found out about Huo Mian, she had been quietly paying attention to her.

There were so many times when she wanted to talk to her, but Lu Yan swallowed her yearning, in fear that she might get Huo Mian involved in her messy life.

In her mind, Huo Mian was an extremely calm person who would rarely become angry or lose control. They were polar opposites…

From the bottom of her heart, Lu Yan wanted a sister who could tolerate her stubbornness and love her for who she was…

– Huo Estate –

Ever since the twins were born, Huo Mian’s life underwent a night and day change. Because she didn’t produce much milk herself, the babies drank formula most of the time.

However, she noticed that the twins were incredibly high maintenance: if they weren’t peeing, then they were pooping. If they weren’t pooping, then they were in a bad mood and crying.

They often wailed until Huo Mian picked them up, so she was constantly tired and extremely sleep deprived.

The good news was, there were a lot of maids around, and Mrs. Su and her mother were there to help as well. Otherwise, Huo Mian would be running into a wall by now…

For some reason, it seemed like Huo Siqian had a fit of mercy and found someone to take responsibility for Song Yishi’s death.

The public security bureau and municipal court both published announcements, explaining that Qin Chu and Huo Mian were both innocent and that the real murderer had been arrested and brought to justice.

Upon hearing about this, Huo Mian felt like a rock had been lifted from her heart. This meant that no one would ever defame the Su Family, accusing them of favoring a murderer.

It also meant that Huo Mian was a free person again, and she didn’t have to hide in public places.

She even made plans to call everyone out for dinner and thank them for visiting her and the twins right after she gave birth.

That day, a visitor left Huo Mian in a great mood.

“Dr. Huo, guess who’s here to see you?” Su Yu smiled as he walked in through the door.

Huo Mian had one of the twins in her arms when she saw the person standing behind Su Yu.

Extremely surprised and excited, she handed the baby to her mother. “You’re here!”

Then, she quickly walked up to greet this unexpected guest…


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