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(The Cutest Babies (8)

Lu Yan immediately understood what her dad meant…

“You mean Qin…? But I don’t know where he is, Dad. Are you sure he’s in the States? Are you sure he’s still alive and hasn’t been killed?”

Lu Yan was very shocked.

She had been tracking Qin Chu for a long time but was never able to find anything.

How did her dad found out that he was in the States?

“I’ll send you an email in a minute. Once you decipher it, you’ll be able to see his detailed address… But remember, be sure that no one is tailing you when you go…”

“Okay.” Lu Yan nodded.

“Okay. Now go on. We’ll keep in touch…”

Then, her dad hung up the phone…

One minute later, Lu Yan received an email.

She spent 30 seconds deciphering the email with her dad’s personal password.

“Change the flight route because we’re going to Seattle now,” Lu Yan commanded.

– At the headquarters of the Huo Corporation in C City –

After his morning meeting, Huo Siqian returned to his office. He had been continuously bothered by one problem.

That problem was that he really wanted to see Mian’s daughters.

The daughters that came into this world yesterday around midnight.

Huo Siqian looked at his desktop calendar and said with a smile, “They were born after midnight on the 23rd. They are a pair of little Scorpios… Mian’s little babies will probably have tough personalities.”

“President Huo, you have lunch with President Li of Wanhe today. Then in the afternoon, you have a meeting with the real estate alliance board at the International Centre…” His secretary went through his day’s schedule very quickly.

“Cancel them all. I’m going to go out and buy presents, so I won’t be going to the meeting this afternoon.”

“Okay.” The secretary was slightly startled.

Very soon, Huo Siqian drove out in his luxury car to the most high-end luxurious mall in the city.

“How may I help you, Sir? Are you looking for anything specific?” the salesperson asked ardently.

“I want to get my beautiful girls a gift to celebrate their first month birthday…” Huo Siqian said with an evil smirk.

In the Army Hospital, Huo Mian felt surreal…

She thought everything was destiny… and she was almost certain that her babies were going to be Libras.

Who would have thought that she would have to endure labor, all the way to the 23rd… In the end, she gave birth to two little Scorpios.

When they grow up, would they be like Mr. Qin, who liked to act cool but was actually very warm-hearted?

– At the Army hospital –

Huo Mian woke up that morning and said to her mom, “Mom, I want to see the babies.”

“I’ll get the nurses to bring them over. Lay down and rest. Don’t worry about it,” Yang Meirong said.

Huo Mian nodded.

Very soon, two nurses carefully brought the babies into Huo Mian’s room.

“Ms. Huo, your babies are gorgeous. They have really pretty eyes and their eyelashes are very long. Their hair is very black too.”

One of the nurses praised them…

Huo Mian slowly sat up by the bed.

One by one, she took her babies over to carefully observe them.

She felt like she could see Qin Chu’s shadow through their faces.

“Can you guys still tell who the older one is?” Huo Mian jokingly asked.

“We can tell from their bracelets. Ms. Huo, you should choose names for them now. The hospital needs to register them and issue birth certificates… you’ll need names to put them on your household registration booklet in the future…”

“Okay. Let me think about it.” Then, Huo Mian held one daughter in each arm, carrying them both.

She looked at them and felt her heart melting…

Suddenly, she thought of Qin Chu…

Finally, she looked up and said to the nurse, “I know.”

“What are their names?” The two nurses couldn’t wait to find out.


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