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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (5)

“Nothing… I believe that you, a very smart person, should be able to figure it out.”

Not waiting for Huo Mian’s response, Huo Siqian continued, “I guess you are planning to be with Su Yu now.”

“What are you talking about?” Huo Mian was annoyed.

“Isn’t it true? Mian… hiding at the Su Family like a turtle doesn’t seem like you.”

“Haha… Are you trying to goad me into doing something stupid? Huo Siqian, you underestimate me… so what if I’m hiding at the Su Family like an ostrich? What can you do about it?” Huo Mian sneered.

“What can I do… I can only think of you secretly… But I do feel very sad for Qin Chu. I’m wondering what he would think if he were to return one day and find out that his wife and children are someone else’s…”

“Huo Siqian, don’t spew lies about me… slander me all you want, but you are not allowed to mention Qin Chu, as you would sully his name. You don’t deserve it, got it?”

Huo Mian was rarely so irrational, but at this very moment, she was going crazy…

But that was all because Huo Siqian went too far… and he was intentionally saying things to upset Huo Mian. He really was something.

“Okay, my dear Mian… you don’t have to be so upset, I’m just stating a fact… I thought you didn’t like Su Yu. However, things can change with the passage of time… If you continue to live with the Su Family, you could really become their daughter-in-law… Although it’s probably not a bad thing as the Su Family is not only a big and well-off family but also a military family with great power and influence… So they could be your strongest backing in the future.”

“Stop it, Huo Siqian! What do you really want?”

“Mian… I just want to love you.”

“You’re ridiculous… I don’t need your psychotic love… Huo Siqian, you don’t love me, you only love yourself… You would do anything as long as you’re happy… and you’ve hurt me, again and again… A man who really loves me wouldn’t… So don’t say love to me again… I really can’t shoulder it.”

“No, you can… you’re the only one who can… In fact, Mian, I have been wanting to ask you. You gave Qin Chu an opportunity because you loved him… but what about Su Yu? He is a nobody, but why can he be with you… what does that make me? I have known you for so many years, and I don’t remember ever doing anything wrong… Who am I to you?”

Huo Siqian had never been so emotional, but after hearing Huo Mian’s voice, he became depressed and full of contempt…

“Huo Siqian… nothing will ever happen between us… Su Yu has been good to me and likes me, so I am grateful to him… I treat him as my best friend, as he has never hurt me and has instead been considerate to me in every way. Moreover, when bad things happen to me… he is always by my side… Even if I can’t be his lover in this lifetime, I am still willing to be good friends with him until I die… I’m willing to climb mountains and swim seas to help him whenever he needs me… But you… you ruined my family, so you’re my enemy. All thanks to you, I’m still a murderer today… Huo Siqian, you killed so many people, Huo Zhenghai, Jiang Linyue… and Song Yishi… They all died by your hands. Do you really have no feelings of guilt?”

“Mian… You must be confused… I didn’t kill anybody. As a well-known entrepreneur, why would I do something like that? You must be tired from childbirth and are having delusions… you should get some rest. I will have the gifts sent to the hospital. Get some sleep…”

“Huo Siqian, how dare you…?”



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