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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (18)

“I think we have a mole who probably sold out Qiao Fei’s itinerary and location… you should search from the inside out.”

“Now that you mention it, it does seem a little odd.”

“Honey, Yan’s right, you need to look into this. Our son almost died…”

“Are his older brothers in Russia?” Lu Yan asked casually.

“No, Qiao Mo is in Jerusalem, and Qiao Nan is in Belgium…”

“Oh, I see…” Lu Yan responded as she sank into deep thought.

“You suspect that one of them tried to hurt Qiao Fei?” Mr. Qiao immediately asked.

“No, it was just a random question. Don’t think too much into it, Uncle Qiao,” Lu Yan replied; she had always been careful around them.

Mrs. Qiao got up and held Lu Yan’s hands. “Yan, Qiao Fei’s temper is really weird, and you’re the only one he’s ever cared about. I hope you can stay by his side until he wakes up, alright? Please.”

“Auntie, you don’t need to say ‘please’ to me. Our families are close, and you’re good friends with my dad. Moreover, Qiao Fei and I… are good friends. I won’t leave, don’t worry.”

“Good, good.”

After spending some more time inside Qiao Fei’s room, his parents went back to their headquarters, leaving Lu Yan alone with an unconscious Qiao Fei…

His silver hair no longer shone, his already pale face now seemed more lifeless than ever, and an oxygen mask was placed on his face to help him breathe…

Ever since she was born, Lu Yan had been living a life of blood and murder. Therefore, she learned to never worry about anyone and had accepted the possibility of herself dropping dead any day.

Although Qiao Fei never confessed his feelings to Lu Yan, everyone knew that their parents had plans for them to get married. When Mrs. Qiao was pregnant with Qiao Fei, she was really close friends with Lu Yan’s mom. Because Qiao Fei was born before Lu Yan, their parents joked for them to get married when they grow up.

However, Lu Yan had been hiding from Qiao Fei all this time.

She never mentioned their parents’ deal with each other, and because Qiao Fei barely talked, they didn’t even contact each other that often. Yet, whenever she was in danger, Qiao Fei would always be the first one there to save her…

He even landed on Ian’s bad side because of Lu Yan…

Ian was the most terrifying terrorist that had ever existed. He was a bisexual and killed people without blinking. He was the perfect definition of the words ‘pervert’ and ‘psycho’.

For some reason, he was obsessed with Lu Yan and had been wanting to capture her alive for a while now.

He also wanted to kidnap Professor Lu for his own use, to develop the most advanced bioweapon on earth.

Unfortunately, he never had the chance…

Lu Yan and Ian had been playing Tom and Jerry for a while now, and Qiao Fei had been wrapped into their chaotic relationship because of her.

Qiao Fei’s wounds this time had 100% to do with Lu Yan, and that was why she felt so guilty.

The winters in Russia were extremely long; the country was often covered in snow, even during the summer months.

Lu Yan was wearing a simple white shirt and a black minidress that revealed her long, slender legs. Her arms were in front of her chest and she paced back and forth in Qiao Fei’s room, feeling extremely anxious.

Then, she glanced around the room; when she was sure that she was completely alone, Lu Yan carefully walked up to Qiao Fei’s bed.

“Hey, Psycho Qiao, don’t play dead with me and wake up. I haven’t had my fun with you yet. We need to compete whose knife skills are better, whose shots are more accurate, and whose combat skills are more advanced…”

Then, she looked at Qiao Fei’s unresponsive face. Biting down on her lips, Lu Yan gently held his hand in hers…


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