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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (9)

“I did, Qin Zhaozhao and Qin Mumu. Their nicknames are Pudding and Little Bean.”

“Wow, the names are so lovely. Did you choose them?”

“Yes.” Huo Mian nodded.

“I really look up to you… you can do everything on your own… If you let me choose their names, I’d have only chosen Little Flower or Little Grass or something along those lines, haha.”

When Xixi laughed, she looked so pure and innocent.

She had been carefree probably because she came from a well-off family and had no pressures in life.

Rick was her second boyfriend. She broke up with her first boyfriend because he moved to another city.

To tell the truth, Xixi and Huo Mian were similar, in that men didn’t fall for them at first sight.

But they had a unique charm that was really attractive, and the feelings would grow on you.

Otherwise, how could Rick, someone so indifferent, someone who didn’t like to make friends or talk to people, fall into her land of warmth and tenderness…

“Mian… Actually, I’m here today… to apologize to you. I wanted to say sorry.”

Xixi looked at Huo Mian apologetically…

“What are you talking about? Why are you apologizing to me?” Huo Mian was a little shocked.

“It was my fault that you got hurt last time… I didn’t think of the bigger picture. I knew people were hunting you, but I still asked you to come see Rick… you got hurt because of me. I’m so glad you and the babies are okay, or else I would never have been able to forgive myself.”

“Don’t say that, Xixi. You didn’t do it on purpose… Even I didn’t anticipate the attack, nor did I think it would be so dangerous… To be honest, I was really scared, but I know you’re not a traitor… You were just used by someone…”

“Rick was right to scold me. I was too careless, and I brought upon trouble for everyone…”

At the mention of Rick, Xixi’s eyes were filled with sadness…

She and Rick had broken up more than three months ago… During this time, he never called, not even once.

She had been waiting, holding onto her cell phone every day, even when she was sleeping.

But he never called, nor did he message her on WeChat.

There were so many times that she couldn’t help but think about going to Seductive Fox to see him. She wanted to ask him why he really broke up with her.

But her pride quickly snuck up on her…

She felt heartbroken whenever she thought back at that night, when Rick pointed a gun at her head.

“Xixi… Did you ever think about why Rick wanted to break up with you? Maybe it’s not because he suspected you…”

“Whatever the reason, he was cruel enough to leave me… Mian… I always thought that he was a very reliable person, so I relied on him very much… He’s like a person who gives you candy every day, no matter if it’s rainy and windy. Having candy to eat every day is an amazing feeling, but suddenly, he stopped giving you candy and even threatened to kill you. Can you understand that feeling? I was so sad. He didn’t believe me… So, he broke up with me so heartlessly that he hadn’t even tried to come and see me. I’ve been thinking that even if he impulsively pointed a gun at my head, as long as he was willing to take the initiative to see me, I would still give him a way out… But he hasn’t.”

“Xixi… Rick isn’t someone good with his words… To hear sweet words from him would be harder than climbing to heaven… My husband, Qin Chu, was the same way. When we were teenagers, I felt like we were in a long-distance relationship even though we were living in the same city. However, it did not mean that he did not love or care about me…” Huo Mian comforted her.

“I understand, I really do… But now… Just let it be. I think we were not meant to be.”

“But Xixi, are you really willing to give up? Is that what your heart wants?” Huo Mian asked.


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