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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (16)

“Fine, let’s hear it.” Su Yu swirled his wineglass as he glanced over at Tang Chuan; under normal circumstances, he didn’t trust in the latter’s ideas, since they were always super weird.

“Answer me this first, when do you think the twins are going to use the cruise ship you gave them?” Tang Chuan asked enthusiastically.

“At least until they’re three or four years old. They’re too young right now, I’m afraid they’ll get into an accident if I bring them on board,” Su Yu said.

“Then wait for three or four years. If Qin Chu really doesn’t come back, and Huo Mian’s still alone, hold a birthday party for the twins on the cruise ship and propose to her then and there. I think the chances of Huo Mian refusing your proposal then will be super low. First of all, if Qin Chu’s not back by then, he’ll probably never be back, and Huo Mian would have probably lost hope by then. Second, you would’ve been by her side for years, and be close to her heart. Huo Mian and the twins will like you, even if you’re not the former’s husband and the latter’s father. It’s the perfect scenario…”

Upon hearing Tang Chuan’s suggestion, Su Yu wanted to refute immediately, but this time, he actually had nothing to say – his friend had a point…

Maybe by then, Mian would give him a chance. He wouldn’t know unless he tried, right? After all, life is full of surprises.

“But what if my proposal fails? Things will become awkward between us, won’t they?” Su Yu replied quietly.

“It won’t be, you’ll always be friends. Plus, the twins will love you too much, they’ll for sure help you. Don’t worry about that.”

“Uh… I’ll give your idea some consideration,” Su Yu said as he emotionally downed the glass of wine in his hands.

After Mayor Song lost power, Huo Siqian found a scapegoat for Song Yishi’s murder.

In the end, Huo Mian’s bail for medical treatment turned into a release – this was something she didn’t expect.

She continued living at the Su Estate with the twins, holding onto the hope that Qin Chu might still come back…

– Inside a luxuriously-decorated private hospital in Russia –

Qin Chu walked out from the operation room wearing a white lab coat. His expression was indifferent, but one could detect a hint of sadness on his gorgeous face if they looked closely.

“How is Qiao Fei? Is his condition salvageable?” Lu Yan asked; she had never felt so anxious in her life. When she was told that Qiao Fei sustained five bullet shots to his chest, Lu Yan felt her heart shattering.

She had known Psycho Qiao her entire life and always thought the latter was unkillable. Lu Yan never imagined that a person like him would be so close to death.

What was she supposed to do if he really died this time?

With her father’s help, Lu Yan quickly found Qin Chu, subsequently persuading the latter into operating on Qiao Fei.

This operation lasted five days, and Qin Chu removed one bullet every day.

This was torture for everyone…

“I’ve removed all the bullets, but he’s still in critical condition and needs to be closely observed. It really depends on the patient’s will to live, so… don’t have your hopes up, I’m not God.”

“Um…” Qin Chu’s words stuffed a metaphorical sock in Lu Yan’s mouth; was he really her brother-in-law? He was icier than a polar bear!

Lu Yan had never even seen him smile over the last few days… How in the world did her sister manage to fall so deeply in love with this ice cube?

“Anyways… thank you for coming to my help,” Lu Yan thanked Qin Chu with all her heart. Her dad was right, Qin Chu was probably the only person who might be able to save Qiao Fei.

All five of his bullets were lodged in sensitive areas; a normal doctor wouldn’t have had the courage to even operate. Even an experienced doctor like Qin Chu had to be diligent, taking five whole days to remove all the bullets.

Will Qiao Fei ever wake up? At this thought, Lu Yan’s heart sank again.

“Don’t thank me, I did this for your sister,” Qin Chu said faintly. Then, he took off his white lab coat and walked away slowly, holding a black cane in his hand.

“Um… you’re not back with my sister because of the injury on your leg?” Lu Yan called out behind Qin Chu.


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