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(The Cutest Babies (10)

“I will be fine on my own… We all came into this world alone and we’ll all leave this world alone… We shouldn’t be so dependent on others… I am prepared to be alone forever… I think this is my destiny…” Huo Mian said with no emotional fluctuations.

“Mian, you’re wrong… You’re only in your 20s. You’ve still got a long way ahead of you. Put it this way: your life has just begun. If Qin Chu really isn’t coming back, shouldn’t you give someone else a chance? I really don’t want you to be alone.”

Huo Mian looked up in shock at her mother.

“Mom… you mean…?”

Yang Meirong took a deep breath in and slowly said, “Yes, Mian. I think Su Yu is a good man.”

Yang Meirong didn’t wait until Huo Mian gave a reaction as she continued to say, “Su Yu loves you. I can tell. I heard that he has had feelings for you for a very long time…”

“Um… Mom, who did you hear this from? Did Auntie Su say something to you?” Huo Mian looked a bit embarrassed.

“No. Mrs. Su didn’t say anything. I’ve been young before and I can see how Su Yu looks at you. There’s just so much love. Also, the whole Su Family has been so good to us… We owe them so much… That child has done so much for you… Even I’m touched by his actions. If the Su Family didn’t help you out, you would have been executed already…”

“Mom… I know Su Yu did a lot for me, but I can’t just give myself to him like a present… I don’t love him, you know? If I don’t love him but chose to be with him anyway, it’ll disrespect both him and myself…” Huo Mian said, somewhat emotionally.

She couldn’t believe that her mom was trying to persuade her into accepting Su Yu.

“Mian… You need to know that I’m not asking you to give him a chance because of his family background, I want you to give him a chance because he’s a good man… He’s someone that you can rely on for the rest of your life, he’s someone that can give my granddaughters a loving family… You can’t just think for yourself… Marriage isn’t entirely about love… Even those who marry for love suffer from the seven-year itch. In the end, marriage life will be one without surprises… I know you’re smart and think about things from more angles than I do, but I’m just giving you my honest opinion… It is your life so you have the final call… Even though Su Yu is from a wealthy family, he has a great temper, and loves you wholeheartedly… Even if I were blind, I would still be able to tell… I know you are someone who shows gratitude to other people, and I don’t think you are capable of wasting his feelings and letting him down for everything he had done for you…”

“Mom… it’s not about letting anyone down. Su Yu has deep feelings for me but that is his problem… I love Qin Chu… what if he really did come back one day? If I were with Su Yu at that point, what would that all mean? What about Qin Chu? He’s the love of my life and the father of my children.”

“I didn’t say you have to make a decision now. I’m just saying you need to think about what I said for a bit… You could give Qin Chu some more time but if he really doesn’t return in the next five years and you don’t hear anything from him, then… he will probably never come back. Worse, if he is still alive and isn’t coming back, then what is the purpose of waiting for such a person?”


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