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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (12)

“Mom… didn’t we talk about this already? Don’t worry, once the time is right, we’ll move out. I don’t want to live here either; after all, it’s not my home. No matter how well they treat me, I’ll always be an outsider… It’s not my first option either.”

“Okay then, as long as you know what you’re doing.” Yang Meirong decided to stop forcing her daughter upon hearing what the latter said.

That night, Huo Mian sat between the twins’ cradles; she looked at the soundly-sleeping, nearly-identical twins, and felt like she was living in a dream.

Before she was even ready to become a mother, she became one for two babies…

“Guys… I really hope your daddy can come back and reunite with us,” Huo Mian mumbled softly as she swayed the cradles back and forth.

– Outside her room –

Su Yu was holding a plate of fruit which was prepared for Huo Mian. He didn’t want her to catch a cold, so he steeped the fruits in warm water before bringing them upstairs.

When he arrived outside the door, however, he heard Huo Mian talking to the twins, telling them how much she missed Qin Chu…

For some reason, Su Yu felt like someone had pricked his heart with a needle; he thought he had given up. He really did…

But, upon realizing how much Huo Mian missed Qin Chu, he still felt a wrenching pain within him. Truth be told, sometimes he selfishly wished that Huo Mian could lose her memories. That way, he would be able to start over with her.

When Mrs. Su was passing by, she saw her son standing dumbly outside Huo Mian’s room. He was holding a plate of fruit but didn’t go in for some reason.

Mrs. Su immediately had an idea of what happened. She waved at him. “Yu, come with me.”

Then, she led her son into the study on the second floor.

“Mom, what’s going on?”

“You didn’t bring the fruits in because you heard Huo Mian say something, didn’t you?” Mrs. Su guessed.

Upon hearing this, Su Yu looked down but didn’t reply…

“Yu… Mian has a husband, it’s normal for her to miss him. She’s not a fickle person. If she was someone who would agree to be with you right after her husband died, you wouldn’t be in love with her, would you? You like Huo Mian’s character, right? You like how much she values relationships…”

“Mom, I understand all that, and I’m not mad because of what she said. I just suddenly felt… felt…”

“You felt uncomfortable? You felt wronged? You felt like you’re never going to have her, no matter how much you do for her?” Mrs. Su finished her son’s unfinished sentences.

After a long time, Su Yu replied, “I’m not complaining, and I’ve never regretted what I’ve done for her. It’s okay if she doesn’t end up with me… It’s just that I’ve stood by her for so long, but it will soon become no more than a memory… That makes me a bit upset.”

“You shouldn’t be sad, you should have expected this. Mian isn’t a child, she knows what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s normal for her to miss her husband, it means she’s not capricious.”

“Mom, you’re right, I’m being too sentimental.” Su Yu bit down on his lips, a bit depressed.

“I’m not saying you’re too sentimental, Yu. Nothing in this world can be taken for granted, there’s always going to be people and things you can’t have. Don’t give yourself a hard time over the situation. You should be thanking God that she’s living here and you have a chance to see her every day.”

“Yeah, I shouldn’t have been greedy. I should be happy with what I have,” Su Yu sighed heavily, his expression melancholic.


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