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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (2)

“Wow… What a gift.”

“What is it? Let me see…” Zhu Lingling was indeed really nosy…

After she grabbed it over and took a look, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow Wow Wow! Super rich people are much more generous than we are!”

“Lingling, don’t keep us guessing… Tell us what it is…” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

“It’s a luxury cruise ship worth 380 million yuan, he named it ‘The Princess’.”

“Wow… Young Master Su, you are so generous… It seems as if they were your own daughters, this is such an expensive gift…” Wei Liao was also amazed.

Su Yu’s face showed a trace of awkwardness…

“It looks like you were not joking… he said he was going to give the twins a plane if they were boys, and a cruise ship if they were girls… Haha…” Tang Chuan suddenly recalled what Su Yu had mentioned during one of their previous conversations.

“I am a person who always keeps his words… I never exaggerate like you guys…” Su Yu said proudly.

“This gift is too expensive. I can’t…” Huo Mian wanted to decline.

However, Su Yu turned his head and glanced at her. “It’s not for you, so your refusal is invalid… This is a gift for the little princesses… As long as they like it, it’s fine.”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Mian… I heard that you named the babies?” Jiang Xiaowei cleverly changed the subject to prevent Huo Mian from feeling awkward.

“I thought she named them Pudding and Little Bean?” Zhu Lingling was puzzled.

“I’m asking about their legal names. I heard the twins are getting birth certificates today,” Jiang Xiaowei added.

“Sis… So, what are my little nieces’ names?” Ni Yang looked at Huo Mian with full anticipation.

Chen Jie shyly held Ni Yang’s arm. “I bet their names are really pretty and special. After all, Chief Huo chose them herself.”

Huo Mian took a quick look at everyone’s face and smiled. “Qin Zhaozhao, Qin Mumu.”

“Zhaozhao and Mumu? These names are exceedingly sentimental….” Wei Liao laughed.

Jiang Xiaowei blurted out, “Clouds seem so polychrome, while the meteors convey spite, the remote Milky Way has no ends. Coming across this beautiful scene on a good day, for the lovers means much more than anything. Softness and sentiment make love deeper than water, how possible not to feel far away, but the separation is a must after all from this Magpie Bridge. If love between both sides can last for aye, why need they stay together morning and evening.” (TL Note: Zhaozhao means every morning and Mumu is every night)

“It’s a verse from Qin Guan’s ‘Immortal Of the Magpie Bridge’. Mian, you’re so poetic!” Gao Ran praised.

“What does it mean? Can someone explain it to me? Don’t lie to me because I didn’t do well in school…” Zhu Lingling cut in.

“It means that a person misses somebody so much that he or she would think of them from morning to evening, from sunrise to sunset every day… But if their love is really deep, it will last forever, even if they are not able to be together every day, from morning to evening…” Jiang Xiaowei explained the poem in more modern language.

“Mian… you chose these names to commemorate Mr. Qin, didn’t you?” Zhu Lingling blurted out without thinking, which caused a hint of pain to flash across Su Yu’s eyes…

It seemed like after everything Su Yu and Huo Mian had been through, the only person the latter loved was Qin Chu and Qin Chu only.

Even the children’s names were Zhaozhao and Mumu, which were so exceedingly sentimental.

“Qin Zhaozhao? Qin Mumu? That’s really cute. I really am looking forward to seeing what these two little girls are going to look like after they grow up… Are they going to be just as gentle and arrogant as Mr. Qin, or as smart as you?” Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian and chuckled.

“I don’t have any expectations for them. I just want them to grow up safely and healthily,” Huo Mian smiled and replied.

“Should we celebrate their one-month party?” Tang Chuan suddenly asked.

“I’ll make preparations, and you guys can just come directly to my home that day… It’s not a good time for Huo Mian to go out now…”

“Is the murder case still not resolved? I thought Mayor Song has already fallen?” Ni Yang asked curiously.

“The downfall of Song Qingguo doesn’t have much to do with Mian’s murder case… The only person that really matters is Huo Siqian…” Jiang Xiaowei analyzed.

“Speaking of Huo Siqian, I am very confused… Mian already gave birth, how is he still able to keep calm without making any moves?… This isn’t his style… Unless he is plotting something evil against our Mian again,” Zhu Lingling guessed.


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