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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (6)

Huo Siqian hung up the phone without waiting for Huo Mian to finish her sentence…

He had always been cautious. Afraid that Huo Mian might record what he said, he never admitted to the fact of his killings.

But they did have a tacit understanding with each other about these things.

That afternoon, some mysterious gifts were sent over…

They were two black, sparkling diamond necklaces…

Their values were worth several cities, but… the necklaces were extremely creepy-looking.

“Put them up for sale, it’s a pity to throw them away… You shouldn’t accept Huo Siqian’s gift, it might be cursed,” Zhu Lingling proposed.

“You are right, take it away… I won’t accept it.” Huo Mian glanced at the black diamonds.

“I’ll sell them for you… Don’t be afraid, nothing will happen.” Su Yu silently picked up the diamond box and stood up.

– At the Chinese restaurant of a five-star hotel –

Huo Siqian, who took a call in the washroom, returned to a luxurious private room.

“Come over, President Huo. We were just talking about you… We heard that you are a good drinker. We have known you for so long, but we haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet… Mayor Yan just took office and has no idea how good your tolerance is. So, today, let’s drink to our heart’s content.”

Several high-ranking officials of C City pulled Huo Siqian down to sit directly next to the newly appointed mayor.

Mayor Yan was almost the same age as Mayor Song. He was transferred here from another city.

Technically, he was promoted…

The reason everyone gave Huo Siqian face was that he now occupied a pivotal position in this city.

Although the former mayor was his nominal father-in-law, rumor had it that Huo Siqian was the one who uncovered Mayor Song’s corruption and mistresses.

They indeed had a weird father-in-law-son-in-law relationship.

Outsiders would never understand it. However, there was one thing these officials had already understood. That was, as long as they could make President Huo happy, they would have a great future.

“President Huo… you are so young yet so successful. I’ve heard so many good things about you….”

“Mayor Yan, you are flattering me… I’m not that impressive… I’m just a normal law-abiding entrepreneur…”

While people were talking, the doors of the private room were suddenly pushed open…

“Daddy… have you ever seen my Totoro?”

A girl, who looked about 20 with refined short hair, appeared at the door.

Mayor Yan smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. My daughter is being rude, please excuse her.”

“Daddy, I didn’t know you were busy… I thought you were simply eating… Ah… I’m sorry.”

Realizing that she did something wrong, the young girl planned to leave the room… but she was stunned when she saw Huo Siqian’s face.

“You… you… you look so familiar? Do we know each other?” the young girl stared at Huo Siqian’s face and asked word for word.

“No, we don’t.”

“Sorry… Oh, I remember now… you look like one of my seniors from university. My God… even your temperament is quite similar to his…”

“Ruoxi, don’t be so rude,” Mayor Yan reminded.

“Daddy… I am just telling the truth, and he really looks like an old friend of mine.”

“Ruoxi, this is President Huo… You should greet him,” Mayor Yan looked at his daughter dotingly and said…

“President Huo…? Are you that young president of the Huo Corporation?” the young girl asked in surprise.

“Yes, you are right.” Huo Siqian smiled faintly.

“Oh my god… you look much better than your photos… From your photos, I thought you were a dull uncle… but in reality, you are a really handsome guy!” the young girl exclaimed.

Then, she ran over and sat in the empty seat between her father and Huo Siqian…

“Ah… are you really Huo Siqian?” the young girl asked with a pleasant surprise.


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