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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (24)

“Call your manager over.”

“Okay, Sir, please wait a moment.”

After about a minute, the restaurant’s manager came out. He was a man in his 40s, wearing a pair of golden-framed glasses. He was a bit chubby but very cheerful-looking.

Before Su Yu said anything, the manager walked over and said respectfully, “Welcome, Young Master Su. How come you didn’t say anything so we could prepare?”

“It’s fine. My friend and I were just shopping nearby so it was a last-minute decision.”

“Please come in…”

“Are there still openings? I’d like a quiet room…” Su Yu asserted.

“Yes, yes, yes… Even if other people don’t have seats, there will still be a room specially reserved for you. Young Master Shen had given us this order.”

The people in line looked at them with envy as the manager led Su Yu and Huo Mian up the stairs.

Only then did Huo Mian come to a realization. “Does this restaurant belong to Shen Mingxi?”

“Yeah, but it’s not under the Shen Corporation. This restaurant belongs to him. I heard it’s cause Wei Ying likes eating Korean barbeque. The two used to fly over to Seoul a lot on weekends but they got annoyed by the hassle so he decided to open up a restaurant. He hired the chefs from Korea so this restaurant is very authentic.”

“No wonder it’s so good… Young Master Shen sure is generous with his money.”

Huo Mian didn’t know Shen Mingxi that well. Every time she found out something new about him or met him was because of Su Yu.

She had met him briefly a few times but she felt that he was a cold person. However, Huo Yanyan had once fallen deeply in love with him.

When Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying got married, it also caused a stir within the city, and Wei Liao became Shen Mingxi’s brother in law…

The two went upstairs and into one of the quietest rooms. Then, Huo Mian ordered some meat and vegetables.

Su Yu ordered another bottle of sake…

“Why are you ordering sake? Who’s drinking?” Huo Mian was confused.

“I’m drinking…”

“Do you want to drive drunk under broad daylight?”

“Who told you I was going to drive drunk? Why not just make you drive…” Su Yu smiled.

“Fine… You win.”

Huo Mian laughed.

This was her first time eating out since giving birth to the twins, so she felt rather different.

She felt that she had been a bird in captivity for a long time and the freedom she newly acquired was something rather refreshing.

“You just gave birth. Are you sure you’re okay?” Su Yu said, sounding a bit worried.

It had been less than a month since Huo Mian gave birth, was it okay for her to go about town like that?

“When do you see American or European women rest for such a long time after giving birth?” Huo Mian asked.

“Um… yeah… I actually don’t think they do that. Such strong women.”

“It’s not that they’re strong. It’s just that the culture is different. Things like women not showering or washing their hair for a month after birth are just the customs of ancient times. If women actually didn’t shower or wash their hair for a month under such hot temperatures, they will become very stinky. As long as I keep myself warm and not catch a cold, it’s fine… People aren’t that weak. They can still go out and see the world…”

“Fine, you’re always right. I’m not going to argue with you.”

Su Yu smiled at Huo Mian. Then he picked up a piece of cooked meat and put it on her plate.

Su Yu enjoyed this quiet lunch with Huo Mian; he felt like he was walking on clouds.

He could look at her, sit across from her, chat with her, laugh with her, put food on her plate, or pour water for her.

Su Yu never thought such little things could make him so happy.

When the bill came, the manager was very polite.

“Young Master Su, please don’t make this hard on us… We can’t accept money from you. Young Master Shen said everything you eat here would all be on the house.”

“Okay then, thank Shen Mingxi for me. I’ll take him out for a drink when he comes back from his business trip.”


When Su Yu and Huo Mian walked out of the restaurant, they saw Huo Siqian walking towards them.


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