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( The Cutest Babies (7)

“You mentioned earlier before that no news is more important than that of your sister’s… That’s why I told you about the twins before mentioning this to you.”

“You’re so stupid…” Lu Yan didn’t hesitate any longer and immediately turned the yacht towards the shore.

Lu Yan was able to connect with her dad while she was on a direct flight to Russia.

“Dad, did you know Qiao Fei’s wounded?”

“I know. His dad called me. He said that the operation will be extremely difficult because he was shot five times. The bullet wounds were all in critical areas in his body so it will be hard to get the bullets out… He asked if I could go take a look.”

“Then what are you waiting for? You can’t let Psycho Qiao die…” Judging from Lu Yan’s voice, it was obvious that she was rattled.

“My little girl… I can’t go… Ian was behind Qiao Fei’s attack. They weren’t targeting his death… They are after me and want me to go… I’m already targeted by so many people. If I show up, then Ian will capture me for sure. When that happens, not only would I not be able to save Qiao Fei, I’d also lose my own life.”

“Then what are we supposed to do… I’m no doctor, nor am I as smart as my sister…”

“Has your sister gave birth yet?” her dad suddenly asked.

“Yes, twin girls.”

“Really? Then I’m a grandpa now…” her dad sounded very much excited.

“Dad, it’s not the time to be happy right now. I’m on my way to Russia… But, there’s nothing I can do… I’m not a doctor, so how am I supposed to save him?”

“Then let him die… You don’t like him anyway so why are you so fussy about it?” Her dad was being obviously provocative.

“I… I just think that if that psycho Qiao dies too early, I wouldn’t have a rival in life and my life will become more boring than it already is. Don’t you think so, Dad?”

“Yan… Why don’t you just admit the fact that you like Qiao Fei?”

“That’s not possible. How could I like a guy like him?” Lu Yan once again refused to acknowledge her true feelings.

“Then I guess I don’t have the obligation to tell you how to save him…”

After that, her dad was about to hang up the phone.

Lu Yan reacted quickly and shouted, “Don’t hang up, don’t Dad! Did you just say you know how to save Qiao Fei?”

“Yeah… But you don’t like him so there’s no need to save him… Him being so good to you for years doesn’t seem to mean anything to you. So, why would he want to survive this anyway? You should just let him die, right?”

“I, I, I… I actually don’t hate him that much… He’s a nice guy but he’s just a bit too arrogant and his jokes aren’t funny. Other than that, he’s pretty good… If he didn’t help me that last time, Ian would have caught me…”

“So, do you like Qiao Fei?”

“Damn it… what kind of father forces his daughter to answer a question like that? Don’t you think that’s a bit shady?”

“Yan, you know that Qiao Fei doesn’t have much time left, right? Are you sure you want to waste his time like this?”

Lu Yan didn’t know how to respond.

After five seconds of silence…

Lu Yan said in a low voice, “Dad, I like Qiao Fei. Please don’t let him die, I beg of you.”

Professor Lu smiled with relief when he heard his younger daughter finally confess her true feelings.

“Instead of Russia, head to America first.”

“What can I do in America? It’s so far…” Lu Yan did not understand what her dad meant.

“Someone in America can save Qiao Fei. Like your sister, he’s a genius doctor…”



  1. D doctor should b Qin Chu ��������

  2. I'm happy to knw Qin Chu is still alive pls let's enjoy Chu n Mian again... tired of she n Su...shld I say jealousy... I've missed Qin so much



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