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(The Twins Popping Right Out (10)

After Zhu Lingling finished speaking, everybody checked out the news on their phone…

The news headline wrote, “Government Official’s Mistress Exposed Wearing a Million Dollar Watch and a Hermes Bag.”

There were two blurry silhouettes in the photo…

One of them was a young woman in a white dress with waist-length hair and a stunning figure; however, her facial features were unclear and unrecognizable.

The man who had his hand around her waist looked older. He seemed around fifty and had greying hair.

His features were also unclear…

What stood out was the Audi A6 behind the two.

The license plate was CR0011, and everybody knew that plate ending in 0011 belonged to the mayor.

So, the news caused a thousand ripples…

As soon as the scandal broke out, all major forums exploded in guesses as to who the government official was.

Most thought that it was Mayor Song, and if it was, it would be a disaster.

After all, he was the city’s mayor. If scandals of having a mistress broke out, it would be quite entertaining…

“It looks like Huo Siqian made his move… He beat me to it but whatever. I can still add oil to the flame.” Su Yu smiled and called one of his men.

That night, news about Mayor Song’s dealings with some shady millionaires broke out along with news of forced evictions a few years ago.

That only added fuel to the fire…

Overnight, his reputation fell from heaven to hell.

From that day on, scandals surrounded him for a whole month, pushing him off his pedestal.

He was hanging by a thread, burdened by negative scandals. All that was needed was one blow, and he would crumble.

A month or so later, Huo Mian was eight months and eight days pregnant.

That night, when Su Yu returned from work, he comforted her, “Song Qingguo is done for, you’ll get your revenge soon enough…”

Huo Mian shook her head. “I don’t actually hate Song Qingguo, but not because I’m trying to be Mother Teresa. He hates me because he thinks that I killed his daughter. It’s only natural for a father to love his daughter… It’s obvious that he would hate me after I took the blame in order to save Qin Chu… I can understand how he feels. So, I am not too happy about his accident.”

“I understand, I am not the one who started it, I only made things worse. Huo Siqian is who made someone do it… I am not evil enough to drug Mayor Song, get a young model to flirt with him, and take disgusting pictures…” Su Yu slowly said.

“He did do a lot of shady things all these years, he’s not as law abiding as he seems,” Su Yu added.

Huo Mian softly chuckled, “That’s only natural. In this society, who’s really law abiding? If they really are, they will never gain wealth or power…”

“Mian is right, we don’t understand the political world… Why else would your grandpa ask your dad to turn to the business world?” Smiling, Mrs. Su peeled a tangerine and looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu went to take it but his hand was batted away by Mrs. Su.

“Go away, it’s not for you. It’s for Mian.” Smiling, Mrs. Su handed the tangerine to Huo Mian.

“Thanks, Auntie.” Huo Mian smiled and took it. When she was about to eat it, her face changed…

Her hand paused…

“Kiddo, what’s wrong?” Yang Meirong could tell that Huo Mian was uncomfortable and immediately walked up to her.

“I think… I think my water broke…” Huo Mian’s face was filled with panic.

“No way, you’re not due yet. You’re only eight months pregnant…” Su Yu panicked as well.

“Hurry up and drive Mian to the hospital, now!” Mrs. Su was the first to react and dragged her son out of the door.


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