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( The Cutest Babies (2)

“Meirong, don’t panic… I heard that babies are fully developed after eight months… It shouldn’t be a big problem for her to deliver now… They can keep the babies in an incubator for a few days… Mian will be fine.”

“Mhm.” Yang Meirong nodded, yet she still panicked.

She pulled out her phone, walked to the other side of the corridor, and called Zhixin.

Grandfather Su called Su Yu at that moment.

“What’s going on with Mian? I just called home, and the maid said that you all went to the hospital.”

“Uh, Mian is in labor early…”

“Already? How many months is she?” Grandpa Su seemed to be spooked.

“Eight months and eight days…”

“Oh, that’s about time. Did she give birth?”

“No, she was just pushed into the delivery room…”

“Okay, when she delivers, call me. I have a meeting to attend.”

Before Su Yu could reply, Grandpa Su hung up the phone.

Su Yu anxiously scratched his head…

He had never waited for the birth of a child before and was really dying of anxiousness.

If he could take her place, he would.

The delivery rooms were connected, and blood-curdling screams came out from the nearby rooms.

He could hear the pain in their voices…

Su Yu nervously paced around and did not know what to do…

“Son, go and buy us two bottles of water. Your Auntie Yang and I are thirsty.”


Su Yu nodded and went downstairs to get water…

– At that moment inside the Huo Family Mansion –

“Boss, we received news from the military hospital.”

“What news?” Huo Siqian was in a bathrobe and was reading a book named “The Weakness of Willfulness”.

“Ms. Huo just checked into the military hospital. It seems like she is going to deliver.”

When Huo Siqian heard that, he immediately put the book down and took off his gold-rimmed glasses.

“She went into labor? She’s not due yet, right?”

“I heard… I heard that she’s delivering prematurely.”

“Prematurely? Is that dangerous?” Huo Siqian panicked as well and shot up.

At first, he wanted Huo Mian to somehow miscarry halfway through her pregnancy, but Su Yu protected her way too well.

Ever since Huo Mian moved into the Su Family’s residence, he had no chance to make a move.

Later, when Huo Mian went into her third trimester, he couldn’t do it anymore.

If he did, Huo Mian might lose her life… He wouldn’t take that chance.

He was going to wait until Huo Mian delivered and moved out of the Su Family. Then, he would find a chance to kidnap her.

However, he was still surprised that she was delivering so soon.

“Boss, I think it’s a good chance… They left in a hurry, so they didn’t prepare. If we bring enough men, we could take her by force…”

“You’re joking… She’s in the delivery room, what force? Do you know how to take care of her delivery?” Huo Siqian’s face was dark.

The man lowered his head and stopped speaking…

“Get a car ready, I am going to the hospital.”

“You’re going yourself?” His men were surprised.

“Right, I need to see her…”

Hearing about Huo Mian’s preterm labor made Huo Siqian panic.

If something happened to Huo Mian, he wouldn’t be able to see her one last time.

So, the usually calm and collected man broke down at that moment…

Huo Siqian got changed and headed to his car. Right as he was going to climb onto his Range Rover, it exploded.

The banging noise rang throughout his ears…

Luckily, he didn’t get on yet. Otherwise, he would be in bits and pieces…

Right after that, his phone rang…

He picked up the phone and heard an arrogant female voice. “Don’t leave your house today. Otherwise, you can kiss your head goodbye.”

Clearly, somebody didn’t want him at the hospital…

“Are you… Lu Yan?” Huo Siqian questioned, but the other person didn’t answer and hung up.

On the other hand, Huo Mian had been struggling in the delivery room for five or so hours.

At about one in the morning, the doctor walked out, exhausted.

“Did she deliver? Doctor, how’s my daughter?” Yang Meirong walked up and asked.

“She did. Don’t worry, both the mother and children are safe.”

When they heard that, Su Yu, his mother, and Huo Mian’s mother all let out a giant sigh of relief.

“Doctor, were the twin boys or girls?” Su Yu’s mother excitedly asked.


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