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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (27)

“Do I get a prize if I guess right?” Su Yu grinned at his grandpa.

“What do you want?”

“I want your 20-year Wuliangye (TL Note: Wuliangye is an expensive Chinese baijiu).”

“Oh… so greedy.” Grandpa Su smiled.


“What if you lose?”

“What do you want?”

“If you lose, then you have to give me your treasured stamp set,” Grandpa Su said greedily.

“Gramps, you sure are ruthless… You’ve got your eyes on my stamps…”

“Do you have the habit of collecting stamps?” Huo Mian looked a bit shocked as she asked Su Yu.

Mrs. Su immediately responded for him, “Yu has been collecting stamps as a hobby since he was a boy. He has five complete sets… One of them is a rare, limited edition set… The market price for it is around 5 million yuan right now.”

“Wow, that’s very impressive.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Stop preying on my stamps for a bit. We don’t even know who’s the winner yet.”

“Then you should look carefully… Don’t get it wrong…” Grandpa Su smiled.

Su Yu looked down on the baby girl, his eyes oozing with gentleness…

Huo Mian’s twins looked very much alike; according to the hospital, they were 97% identical.

Those who didn’t know them well wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

Su Yu looked at her carefully and finally said decisively, “This is Little Bean.”

“Are you sure?” Grandpa Su asked, although he sounded a bit shocked.

“I’m most absolutely certain, positive…” Su Yu sounded very determined.

“Okay, Okay, Okay… You win. You sure are lucky.” Grandpa Su waved his hands in the air. It seemed very obvious that he wasn’t satisfied with the outcome.

“What do you mean I’m lucky? I won fair and square, Gramps. Accept your defeat. After all, you are a senior army commander, so you gotta make your words count.”

“Yes, yes. The baijiu is in the cellar. You can go pick it up tomorrow.”

“Yu, how did you know this one is Little Bean? I can’t even tell the difference sometimes… I think Mian’s the only one that can tell who’s who,” Mrs. Su said as she looked at her son in awe.

“It’s rather simple… There’s a very small, red mole on the back of little Bean’s right ear. Pudding doesn’t have one…”

“You sure are attentive…” Mrs. Su gave her son a big thumbs up.

Su Yu looked down and gently kissed Little Bean’s pink cheeks.

“You’re so cute… I love you both. I will never favor one over the other… I will buy you both the same things… I can’t treat you guys differently.”

Huo Mian smiled.

She thought it was cute when Su Yu began acting so much like a kid too.

The nanny was playing with the babies when they had dinner.

The entire family was enjoying dinner when Huo Mian suddenly received a WeChat message from Ni Yang.

“Sis… I’m holding a celebratory party at Imperial Star Entertainment tomorrow night. Do you want to come?”

“What time tomorrow?”

“It’s staring at 8 PM.”

“Okay… I’ll be there.”

“Great. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Ni Yang was really happy…

Huo Mian put down her phone. She looked at Su Yu and said, “Ni Yang’s holding his own concert already? Did you arrange it?”

“It’s not just one concert. It’s a nationwide tour… He has a lot of fans so it was rather easy to arrange… I just hired some top producers and lyric writers for him, and they helped him write a few songs. The public loves him and album sales are at a record high.”

“That’s why he’s celebrating tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I think so. I haven’t been to social events at the company for a while,” Su Yu said as he stuffed his mouth with rice.

“So, can you take me to the party tomorrow night?” Huo Mian looked at Su Yu.


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