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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (21)

Director Wu was sounding like her mother and she did not enjoy listening to him nagging her. For instance, he would say, “If Qin Chu isn’t coming back, then you should consider Su Yu.” However, in her mind, Su Yu wasn’t just some back-up. She couldn’t just throw Su Yu away when Qin Chu came back, nor could she choose Su Yu just because Qin Chu wasn’t coming back. Also, if she chose Su Yu, she wouldn’t be choosing him because she loved him; rather, she would be doing it out of gratitude to him and his family. She didn’t think that starting their relationship with such intentions would make them happy.

Moreover, she still firmly believed that Qin Chu was alive.

Even if everyone said he was dead, she still believed he was alive…

She believed that he couldn’t come back now for some unknown reason.

Huo Mian could be rather stubborn sometimes and when she was, she always stood firm on her position.

“Okay. It’s good that you think this way too, there’s definitely hope… I just wanted to see you today. I’m happy to see you doing so well. If you’re ready to go back to work, either because your children are old enough or if you’re bored, you are more than welcome to come back. You can choose to work at either South Side or the First Hospital, whichever you please… You can also choose whichever department you want to work in.”

“Thank you, Director, I’ll take your offer into full consideration.”

“Dr. Luo called me the other day and he highly recommended you. He said you’re a brilliant doctor and it would be such a waste to society if you didn’t continue your career as one… He knew you didn’t want to work in Jing City so he kept urging me to persuade you into coming back… I do understand that you have your own thoughts and plans for your future, so I’ll respect your decision.”

“Thank you.”

Huo Mian was rather touched by Director Wu’s words…

After Director Wu left, Huo Mian went downstairs to check up on the babies.

She saw something rather heartwarming…

Su Yu was wearing a white shirt that was not fully buttoned up.

You could see his collarbones… They were quite sexy, actually.

He was lying down on a snow-white carpet…

On his left arm was Pudding, and on his right arm was Little Bean…

He wasn’t just holding them, he was hugging them…

He had to be extremely gentle because he was scared that if he used too much strength, he would scare the babies…

The two little babies laid peacefully in his arms. They were exceptionally quiet.

It seemed like they were even smiling…

“Ah, Mom… Auntie Yang. Don’t they look like they’re smiling at me?”

Su Yu looked very excited.

“It does seem like it… Even though they’re too young to have expressions, they are still so adorable.” Mrs. Su looked as if her heart had been melted by their cuteness.

Yang Meirong said with a smile, “My two granddaughters are probably going to be as smart as their mother. I remember when I gave birth to Mian, she was just like them… After merely 100 days, Mian learned a lot of things. I saw something special in her eyes. I even remember Jing De praising that child, saying she was so smart that she’d become extremely brilliant one day…”

Huo Mian stood at the door silently watching the three of them…

Ever since she gave birth, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Su Yu had been treating the twins like they were his own.

After the birth of the babies, Huo Mian felt like she had somehow lost status.

Whether it was her mom, Mrs. Su, Mr. Su, or Grandpa Su…

They all just stared at the babies…

They took turns carrying them, playing with them… They all seemed so happy.

Especially Su Yu… Su Yu often drove home right after work, and he refused to leave until the babies fell asleep.

If people didn’t know better, they would have thought that they were his children…

Huo Mian’s heart was not made of stone. She knew very clearly that Su Yu was very kind to her.

He loved the babies because he loved her…

“Young Master, it’s time for the babies to change diapers,” the nanny came over and reminded him.

Su Yu didn’t want to let go but he gently handed the twins over…

He looked up and saw Huo Mian standing by the door.

“Did Director Wu leave?” he asked.

Huo Mian nodded.

“Perfect timing. I need to talk to you about something.” Su Yu got up and straightened his tie.

“Sure, what’s up?” Huo Mian asked, following Su Yu and walked over to the study next door.


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