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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (33)

“No, I don’t want a straw. It’s so dirty…” Mr. Qiao refused immediately.

“Damn it. You’re already half dead. Do you want to die from thirst?” Lu Yan glared at Qiao Fei with bewilderment.

Qiao Fei looked Lu Yan in the eyes for three seconds before calmly saying, “Feed me.”

“Umm… What did you just say?”

“I want you to feed me… with your mouth,” Qiao Fei said without changing his facial expression.

“Are you crazy? I am not going to do that, Qiao Fei…”

“I don’t care. If you don’t feed me, I’m not drinking the water.”

“I don’t care if you drink the water or not. If you die from thirst, that’s your problem…” Lu Yan was also hot-tempered.

When Qiao Fei heard what Lu Yan said, he also became angry.

He turned around and didn’t say anything.

Lu Yan looked down, giving Qiao Fei the silent treatment.

Half an hour slowly passed by.

Lu Yan glanced at Qiao Fei. She saw that his lips were cracked and felt bad for him.

So, her heart softened a bit. “Are you really not going to drink the water?”

Qiao Fei didn’t respond…

“Damn it… Okay, okay, I’ll feed you. Arguing with you is like arguing with a polar bear… I’d freeze to death before I win. Fine. I’ll just pretend that I’m feeding a dog.”

Qiao Fei was speechless.

Then, Lu Yan drank a mouthful of water and walked over to Qiao Fei.

She put her lips onto Qiao Fei’s lips, feeding him water while acting like she didn’t care.

Qiao Fei drank all the water.

“I want more…” Qiao Fei commanded.

Lu Yan blushed.

“Why are you so annoying?”

“I want more water…” Qiao Fei repeated himself.

“Okay, okay. I’ll drown you in water then…”

Just like that, Lu Yan dove right into the trap that Qiao Fei set up for her and fed him, one kiss at a time.

At first, he just drank the water without doing anything else. Then things got a bit strange… when his tongue snuck into her mouth…

Lu Yan felt like her brain had short-circuited…

She was used to fights but never had she been in such a situation before…

All she felt was something soft swirling inside her mouth…

It was a special feeling… Her heart began to pound much faster than usual…

“Pervert Qiao… You’re taking advantage of me…”

“Shh… Don’t say anything else. You’re so noisy.”

Qiao Fei was still recovering, but he still had the energy to French kiss Lu Yan until she was out of breath.

At last, they were interrupted by a nurse…

“Um… Ms. Lu… Mr. Qiao is still very weak, you might want to slow down…”

Lu Yan was dumbfounded.

From the nurse’s perspective, Lu Yan was the person of fault. She felt very wronged.

Lu Yan was about to explode… when Qiao Fei suddenly interjected gently, “Yan, I’m a bit hungry. Can you go buy me something to eat?”

Lu Yan thought she was hallucinating because she had never heard Qiao Fei call her so tenderly before.

“Okay. I’ll go and buy you something.”

Then, Lu Yan left the patient’s room.

Qiao Fei’s smile disappeared immediately. He looked at the nurse sternly and said, “Get my father over.”

“Mr. Qiao, you are very weak right now. You should rest…”

“Shut up and call my father over.” Qiao Fei looked dismal now, his expression drastically different from when he was talking to Lu Yan.

The nurse immediately left the room to follow his orders.

When Lu Yan came back with a bowl of congee, Qiao Fei turned back to gentle-mode, letting Lu Yan feed him one mouthful at a time.

He put his hand on her slim thighs…

“Hey! Where are you putting your hand? Don’t make me pour this bowl of congee on your face!” Lu Yan looked very mean.

“Yan, if I die, would you cry for me?” Qiao Fei looked at Lu Yan ever-so-gently.


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