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(Never Seen Him This Gentle (7)

“Mrs. Su, I understand that you and Su Yu are very kind to me, but I can’t go and live with you guys. I’m not Su Yu’s girlfriend or anything and I would only bring you and your family trouble… Su Yu is still single right now and if people heard about this, rumors would fly around. That would negatively impact his love life,” Huo Mian tried to reject the offer in a less direct way.

“We’re not scared that you might bring us trouble. We’re even confident that we’d be able to protect you very well, preventing the media from making up stories about you… You don’t need to worry about Su Yu. I’ve got everything figured out. When you move in, I’ll make him move out and won’t let him stay at home… It’s also about your reputation… If your husband comes back one day and sees that Yu is also living at home, he’d for sure mistake your relationship with Yu… That’s why I’ve decided to make him move out…”

“Mrs. Su… How…?” Mrs. Su had worded her story so perfectly that even someone as clever as Huo Mian couldn’t figure out how to refuse her offer. Mrs. Su had said so much and from her words, one could tell that she really cared about Huo Mian. If Huo Mian continued to remain firm on her position, then it would look bad on her.

Mrs. Su could tell that Huo Mian was hesitating. She added, “My father-in-law and my husband aren’t home a lot… I was from Southern China so my side of the family is still down south. I’m usually home alone and rather bored. If you could come, I’d have someone by my side… As long as you don’t mind me always nagging.”

“Why would I mind? You’re such a nice person. I love spending time with you.” Huo Mian praised Mrs. Su from the bottom of her heart.

( NovelFull ) Mrs. Su’s eyes lit as the opportunity seemed to come to fruition. She excitedly held onto Huo Mian’s hands and exclaimed, “That’s great! So you’ve agreed! This is set!”

“Ah… Mrs. Su… I…”

“I’ll have someone tidy the room in the next few days. Then I’ll get Yu to pick you up… You’ll have to stay at the hospital for a couple more days… Don’t worry, I’m great at taking care of pregnant women. You see, I’ve also been pregnant before so I have a lot of experience.” Mrs. Su seemed very happy.

Even though Huo Mian had much in mind, she couldn’t say anything further to decline…

She owed the Su Family a lot and she couldn’t make Mrs. Su sad.

Mrs. Su even said she’d kick Su Yu out, just so she would move in.

The goal was also to protect her until she gave birth.

In all honesty, Huo Mian knew it was probably a better option to live with the Su Family.

Even if there were bodyguards here, she couldn’t tell when Huo Siqian would do something to her. After all, he was a psychopath.

Huo Mian wasn’t afraid of death but if she lost the babies, she would not know how to face Qin Chu and her in-laws.

At last, Huo Mian nodded. “I’d have to trouble Mrs. Su from now on then.”

“It’s no trouble at all… It would be like having a daughter in the house.” Mrs. Su smiled very warmly.

Huo Mian felt very touched… and she decided not to ask her if this was Su Yu’s plan.

Of course, Mrs. Su was a smart person. She would never sell her own son out like that.

However, Huo Mian knew deep down that Su Yu had convinced his mother to come to bring her home.

( NovelFull ) If Su Yu was the one who invited her to their place, Huo Mian would have rejected for sure.

No matter what he said or did, there was no way Huo Mian would move into his home.

Huo Mian was right – what identity would she be using when she moved in? She wasn’t even his girlfriend.

But if Mrs. Su invited her, that would be a different story.

She was an elder and good with words. She already examined the situation carefully and explained to her all the pros and cons.

Mrs. Su went through so much trouble and if Huo Mian still didn’t accept her kindness, she would be putting Mrs. Su down.

Therefore, Su Yu was a very smart person to have his mother do the work.

He was able to convince Huo Mian right away….

That night, when Su Yu came home from dinner, he couldn’t wait to ask his mother about Huo Mian.

“Mom, have you been to the Army Hospital yet? Have you seen Huo Mian yet? Have you asked her about that thing yet?”


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