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(I Know He’s Still Alive (10)

“I agree. She just got pregnant, so her condition isn’t stable yet. We can’t shock her at a time like this,” Gao Ran said.

“But… how long are we supposed to hide it for? Mian is smart…” Zhu Lingling was very worried.

“We’ll hide it for as long as we can… Anyways, it’ll be better for her if she finds out later… She’s so happy about being pregnant, I don’t want to break the news to her,” Su Yu suggested.

“She’s really clever… she’ll find out before long.” Zhixin lowered his head with a heavy heart.

“Rick might personally tell Huo Mian… Anyways, we don’t know the specifics, so we shouldn’t tell her ourselves,” Gao Ran told everyone.

Everyone agreed and decided to hide the news for now.

Nobody dared to tell Huo Mian. If she found out that Qin Chu had died, maybe her whole world would collapse?

When Huo Mian came back, she immediately found it weird that everyone was silently eating without speaking to each other.

“Why are you guys so quiet?”

“We were waiting for you to come back.” Zhu Lingling raised her head and forced out a smile.

“I just talked to my mom, she’s not worried anymore.”

“Mian, you should sleep at mine tonight. Zhixin is staying there too, Sky Blessing Court might not be safe enough… I have security guards at my house…” Jiang Xiaowei suggested.

Before Huo Mian could reply, Su Yu said, “Huo Mian can’t exactly move around freely, she has to stay at the military hospital. She might be out for medical treatment, but she can’t move around like a normal person… You guys have to understand that… Don’t worry guys, my grandpa is trying to restore her freedom.”

“Huh? Her freedom is still limited?” Zhu Lingling looked unhappy.

“What do you think? Mian is still labeled as a murderer. Commander Su is very impressive, being able to free a death row prisoner so quickly. He’s much more powerful than my father.” Gao Ran wasn’t happy with how his father acted since Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s accident and thought that he wasn’t capable enough.

Gao Ran’s father might be in the provincial office, but he didn’t have the power to bail murderers out at his will.

Moreover, Mayor Song wouldn’t have let that happened…

“Sis… I guess you have to bear with it for now.” Ni Yang looked at Huo Mian with sadness.

“I’ll be fine, I am already very happy with the outcome.”

Huo Mian originally thought that Huo Siqian wouldn’t be able to sit and watch her die and would find someone to blame for the crime he committed, subsequently giving her back her freedom.

However, Huo Siqian never did.

Could it be that he really wanted her dead?

“Mian, we’ll visit you a lot… Take care of yourself there, think for the babies and eat more,” Jiang Xiaowei comforted her.

“I will, I don’t want to make you guys worried. I need to go see Rick and find out where Mr. Qin is, and I’ll go meet him in America when the time comes… Maybe the babies will be born there… Haha, but I want you guys to be there, I’ll pay for the plane tickets… You guys have to visit us there.”

Huo Mian was still deep within her beautiful fantasy…

Everybody’s hearts sank when they heard what she said…


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