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( Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (3)

“Not yet… Ian’s men have been following me too closely… You shouldn’t go either, lest he finds your mother’s whereabouts.”

“So you are still in the Middle East?” Lu Yan was speechless.

“Where else would I be? Do you think I would dare go back to the headquarters?”

“Okay… Daddy, now I can understand why you don’t want me to bother my older sister… Compared with our wandering lives … my sister’s seems much happier.”

“Now you finally understand my painstaking efforts….” the old man said profoundly.

“Yes, I do understand a little now.”

“If it were not for Qiao Fei last time, you would have gotten your sister killed, right? If he knew the whereabouts of Mian, then…”

“Don’t talk about it anymore, Daddy. I’ll be more careful in the future,” Lu Yan apologized right away. “But… is it true that the psycho Qiao has complained to you?”

“Qiao Fei did not tell me anything, he is a good boy.”

“Nonsense… If he were a good boy, there would be no demons in this world… That’s enough, you don’t know how many years I have known him… I know him much better than you do…”

“So you really don’t want to consider it?”

“Of course not, I am still young… I don’t want to get married and then have children. It’s terrible…”

“We are not asking you to get married right now… after Qiao Fei’s dad retires… Qiao Fei will definitely be the one to take over the family.”

“How do you know it will not be his two worthless brothers?” Lu Yan rolled her eyes.

“I’m sure it will be Qiao Fei… Anyways, if you listen to me and marry him one day… Ian will not be so unscrupulous… After all, he highly values the forces on the Russian side …”

“Do you want me to bow to power, Daddy? When did I, Lu Yan, feel frightened by anything? Do I have to sell myself in exchange for a safe haven? I have too much moral integrity to do that… Remember that I am a very talented person who learned how to use a pistol at the age of five, and how to deploy a bomb at the age of seven…”

“…” His daughter’s narcissism made the old man speechless.

“That’s enough, stop with the nonsense… Pay close attention to your sister… When the babies are born… tell me if they are boys or girls, and then send me a photo of them… That’s all.”

“Oh… Daddy, when can we tell her…?”

Du du du…

Before Lu Yan could finish talking, the old man on the other end had already hung up…

In fact, she really wanted to ask when she could meet her sister.

It was because she was unwittingly going to be an auntie very soon…

She wondered if it was going to be boys or girls…

She suddenly jerked back, which scared the subordinate behind her.

Boss… What… What happened?”

“Tell me, what gift should I give to my pregnant sister’s twin babies?”

“Wait… Boss. It seems that you still have a lot of time… she only recently got pregnant…”

“What do you know. This is called repairing a house before it rains… Would you rather want to look for umbrellas after it starts raining?”


“Hurry up and tell me.”

“I think… giving gold bars may be a good idea.”

“That’s too vulgar…”



“Even more vulgar….” Lu Yan gave him a glance and expressed clear dissatisfaction.

“Well… then I really don’t know. Boss, I beg you not to set such a difficult question for your subordinate.”

“You sure are useless… Forget it, just leave.”

“Yes.” The subordinate finally let out a sigh of relief and ran out.

He was afraid that he would make his boss unhappy…

As he closed the door, he could still hear Lu Yan muttering. “If my sister gives birth to two boys, I will give them pistols. If they are girls, I will give Swiss army knives. If they are a boy and a girl, then I give them one of each…”

Upon hearing this, the subordinate almost hopelessly fell to the ground…

No wonder his boss was number one on the International Wanted List. Even her gift ideas were so unique.

– At the Su Family Mansion –

“Mian… It’s dinner time now….”

Mrs. Su went upstairs and gently called for Huo Mian.

When the two of them went downstairs, they found that the door was open, and Grandpa Su had walked in wearing a military uniform.

Huo Mian suddenly became nervous…


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