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(It Feels Like a Dream (5)

“I don’t need you to congratulate me,” Huo Mian replied icily, prompting a small smile on Huo Siqian’s face.

Then, he slowly walked up to her – at this very moment, Huo Mian truly felt terrified. She instinctively retreated and reached out to grab the corner of Su Yu’s jacket.

“Don’t go near her…” Su Yu reminded angrily.

“What are you worried about, Young Master Su? I just really miss her, I haven’t seen Mian in such a long time…”

“She doesn’t need your fake feelings, get the hell out of my face.” Su Yu furrowed his eyebrows; he seemed ready to fight Huo Siqian at any moment.

The latter sensed Su Yu’s anger, so he stopped in his tracks about two meters away from Huo Mian. Then, he smiled at her. “Take care of your babies… remember to eat lots of food.”

Then, Huo Siqian turned around and went back into his car, slowly driving away.

After he left, Su Yu turned around to see Huo Mian’s ugly expression; he reached out and removed her hand from the corner of his jacket, saying gently, “Don’t worry, he’s gone.”


“Huo Mian.”

“Mhm?” She looked up at the sound of her name, and Su Yu said in all seriousness, “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“Mhm.” Huo Mian nodded hard; she trusted Su Yu with all her heart, ever since he spared no means to get her out of that dark and dingy jail cell.

She didn’t know what he went through to get her out, but she knew it couldn’t have been easy. Therefore, she treasured this rare friendship…

But, how was she ever going to repay him?

On their way back to the hospital, Huo Mian didn’t utter a single word; she faced towards the car window and looked like she had a lot on her mind.

Su Yu casually picked up a blanket on the back seat and put it on her. “Don’t catch a cold.”

“Mhm,” she replied with one sound.

After they arrived back at the hospital, Huo Mian got a checkup. Then, the nurse came in to deliver her afternoon soup.

Su Yu didn’t leave until he watched her drink every single drop.

As soon as he walked out of the hospital, he received a phone call from An. “President Su, can you come back to the company? There are some matters waiting for you to tend to.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Su Yu worked all afternoon; towards the end of the day, he suddenly remembered, “An, I think I was followed today.”

“When?” An froze for a second.

“When I was driving Mian back to the military hospital. I’m not 100% sure, because there were a lot of cars on the road… It wasn’t just one car following us the entire time, but I have a feeling that something’s wrong, so I need to be on the alert. He’s pretty sneaky.”

“Do you remember the license plate? I can investigate,” An asked.

Su Yu nodded, and he carefully began to recall what he saw in the rearview mirror. After giving An the two license plates he did remember, he added, “More than two cars followed us. There was also a grey Honda business sedan and dark-green Honda Vezel that I don’t remember the license plate numbers too. But they were really suspicious, can you check them both out? Maybe pull up the surveillance cameras around the area.”

“Which area?”

After some recollection, Su Yu slowly said, “At the end of Furong Bridge, at the intersection of Mingde Road… Look at the cars beside me, and let me know if you see anything unusual.”

“Okay, I’ll get on it right now,” An said as he walked out of Su Yu’s office and closed the door behind him.

After An left, Su Yu went back to gathering his things to leave. Just then, he heard knocking on his office door.

“Come in.”




  1. Huo Siqian is really creepy

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  2. Huo Siqian is ready for his next strike

  3. I hope huo Siqian won't hurt Su yu



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