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( It Feels Like a Dream (6)

Su Yu looked up to see Jian Tong, standing by the door wearing a dark-green trench coat. She was tall, skinny, and had curves in all the right places. She always seemed a little distant and mysterious; due to her recent popularity and her lack of “action” with Su Yu, a lot of second-generation heirs and rich businessmen have been chasing after her, giving her a headache. Therefore, she asked to film in Australia, which explained why Su Yu hadn’t seen her in a while

“President Su.” Jiang Tong opened her mouth.

“You’re back.”

She nodded. “I finished filming.”

“Oh, how was it?”

“Pretty good…”

“That’s good,” Su Yu nodded. Without saying anything else, he looked down and began organizing the documents on his desk. Then, he grabbed his phone and charger, and headed out his office door.

“President Su…”

“Did you need something?”

“We’re having a party tonight to celebrate the end of filming. The director is going to be there as well.”

“Oh, you guys have fun. Remember to save the invoices, the finance department will reimburse everything.”

“That’s not why I’m here, President Su. I wanted to ask if you could come with us. We all miss you, you haven’t participated in any of our events recently.” Jian Tong stopped going around in circles and went straight to the point.

Upon hearing this, Su Yu looked down at his watch. “Not today, I’m busy. Maybe next time, you guys have fun.”

“Okay then…” A hint of disappointment flashed before Jian Tong’s eyes.

After leaving Imperial Star, Su Yu went straight to a high-end mall so he could buy some supplements.

However, when he saw all the options in front of him, he felt a little lost.

“Sir, can I help you? I can give you some recommendations,” the store clerk offered.

“Uh… what’s good for pregnant women?”

“We have lots! Come with me, I’ll give you some recommendations.”

“Sure,” Su Yu answered, feeling embarrassed. Then, he walked up to some shelves with the store clerk.

“How far along is your wife?” the store clerk asked with a smile on her face.

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s face turned red. “Not my wife, my friend.”

“Oh, I’m sorry… how far along is your friend?”

“She’s about… two months into her pregnancy,” Su Yu said after some thought.

“Oh, then she needs to take another month of folic acid. Pregnant women are supposed to take it throughout their first trimester. She’s two months in, so she just needs one more month.”

“Okay, I’ll take them,” Su Yu replied.

“This is US-imported calcium, pregnant women experience a loss of calcium. If she experiences calcium-deficiency, so will the baby.”

“Okay, I’ll take that too.”

“This is DHA fish oil, it’s good for the development of the baby’s brain.”

“This is milk powder for pregnant women, there’s a lot of supplements in here…”

“I’ll take it…”

The store clerk’s smile almost shot through the roof as she packed a bunch of things up for Su Yu – she seemed to have met the God of Fortune…

Su Yu said “I’ll take it” so many times the shop that the clerk lost count; as rich as he was, he spent ten thousand on supplements in less than ten minutes.

In the end, he bought so much that the store clerk delivered the ones they couldn’t fit into Su Yu’s car to the hospital.

At 7 PM, when Su Yu arrived outside the hospital, Huo Mian was calmly listening to music inside her 60-square-meter hospital room. The room was decorated lavishly – it felt more like a five-star hotel room than that of a hospital.

Apparently, the bed she laid in was really expensive and had countless functions. Huo Mian was listening to calming music when she saw Su Yu walk in.

Huo Mian froze in bewilderment upon seeing the mountain of supplements placed before her. “My god, what’s all this?”


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