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(Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (10)

“How can I lose? I’m a chess prodigy…” Su Yu said arrogantly as he sat down across from Huo Mian and began placing the chess pieces. He reminded her with a smile, “You have to promise not to cry when you lose.”

“Thanks for the reminder… same goes for you if you lose though.”

“Tsk tsk…” Su Yu’s mouth wasn’t as fast as Huo Mian’s, so he conceded immediately and went back to placing the chess pieces onto the board.

After he finished, he gestured at her. “Ladies first.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to say that I won because I went first later?”

“Of course I won’t, you starting isn’t going to affect much,” Su Yu said, filled with confidence.

“Okay then, thanks.” Huo Mian picked up a chess piece with a smile on her face.

Then, Su Yu observed the chessboard and made a move.

“Hey, no, you shouldn’t go there,” Grandpa Su chimed in anxiously, but Su Yu turned around. “Grandpa, spectators are not supposed to talk when playing chess.”

Grandpa Su: “…”

Huo Mian looked at the grandpa-grandson duo, trying hard not to laugh out loud.

– 20 minutes later –

Su Yu stood up quietly, with an awkward expression on his face.

“Just admit defeat, you lost. I told you to listen to me.” Grandpa Su pouted like a little kid, while Huo Mian smiled at Su Yu.

“Ahem… um, Master, I concede,” Su Yu said as he bowed towards Huo Mian, who replied modestly, “Good game, good game.”

“Haha, this girl’s techniques are amazing. Come to the military camp base next time and play with my comrades, or else they’ll keep flaunting their skills in front of me…”

“My skills aren’t good enough to play with others.” Huo Mian immediately shook her hands.

Just then, Mrs. Su and Auntie Yu walked out of the kitchen with three bowls of warm soup, placing them onto the coffee table.

“Dad, this is green bean soup, it’s not too sweet and will clear away internal heat.”

“Mhm.” Grandpa Su picked up the bowl and gave a small sip.

“Mian, this is for you. It’s the eight-treasure grain with lotus seeds…”

“Thank you, Mrs. Su,” Huo Mian said gratefully; ever since she moved into the Su Family, Mrs. Su had been preparing three meals a day for her, along with fruits and dessert. There was always a variety, proving just how much thought Mrs. Su put in.

“Yu, this is for you. It’s rose tea…”

“Mom, do I really need to drink rose tea to preserve my beauty? I’m good-looking enough as it is…” Su Yu retorted.

“Yu, can’t you be more modest?” Mrs. Su snapped back.

Upon hearing their conversation, Huo Mian almost spat out the soup in her mouth – everyone in the Su Family was so funny!

She originally thought they would be all strict and serious. After all, they were a prestigious family.

However, after she moved in, Huo Mian noticed that Su Yu lived in a really warm family, and had a great relationship with his mother and grandfather.

It was already 8:30 PM when they finished drinking the warm soup.

Huo Min stood up, feeling tired. “Grandpa Su, Mrs. Su, I’m going to head upstairs to rest.”

“Mhm, go ahead, goodnight,” Mrs. Su said, while Grandpa Su added, “Let’s play tomorrow, Child.”

“Sure.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Um… let me walk you up.” Su Yu stood up and followed Huo Mian up, without even finishing his soup.

“What should we do with my idiot son?” Mrs. Su didn’t know whether to cry or laugh; she did, however, feel bad for her son.

“Let him be…” Grandpa Su didn’t care much, as long as his grandson was happy.

“Are you still throwing up a lot?” Su Yu asked.

“I’ve gotten better.”

“I searched online, apparently if you eat biscuits you won’t throw up as much, so I brought some and put them in the pantry. Remember to have some when you’re not feeling well.”


“Tell me what you feel like eating, and I’ll buy you some.”


“Then… I’m going to go, goodnight.”


Huo Mian opened the door and went in, leaving Su Yu outside, unwilling to leave.

He didn’t go back downstairs until at least five minutes had passed since she went in.

Huo Mian knew what Su Yu felt towards her; that was why she always acted so indifferent and seemed like she didn’t want to talk to him.

She didn’t want Su Yu to sink deeper, so her replies were always simple and distant. Huo Mian didn’t want to give him any hope, not even if Qin Chu was dead.

Suddenly, her phone rang…


“Huo Mian, it’s Xixi.”

“What’s up?”

“Huo Mian, I need help…” Xixi said; her tone was weird, as if she were in some kind of rush.



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