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( Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (6)

“As far as I know… this girl’s lover disappeared in an accident, I think he was involved in an airplane crash. The chances of his survival are extremely slim… but she still has a glimmer of hope… She is only 24 years old this year, and she will only be 27 years old three years later. If, by then, Yu is still treating her the way he is now and she’s moved by his love, will you be able to accept her as your granddaughter-in-law? Can you overlook her previous marriage and her children?”

Grandpa Su was silent for a while and then said in all seriousness, “As long as Yu likes her, I don’t mind.”

“Dad…” Su Yu’s mother was really moved, as she did not expect her father to say this.

“When Yu took out a gun and pointed it at his own head to threaten me, I knew how important this girl was to him, so… as long as he’s happy, I will not object.”

“Dad… you are so good to Yu.”

“I have no other choice, that brat’s my only grandson…” Grandpa Su smiled at the thought of this.

“Dad… what about my husband…?” Su Yu’s mother was quite worried about Su Yu’s father’s feelings.

“Let me handle it.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Su Yu’s mother smiled, and she finally let out a sigh of relief.

Tonight was Huo Mian’s first night at the Su Family, and she barely got any sleep.

This was a completely new environment. Her room was very large, being at least eighty square meters in size.

It used to be Su Yu’s room…

Apparently, Su Yu renovated the room, since the walls were repainted with light pink, and the curtains and decorations were feminine.

Everything that might be needed had been prepared, and there was no shortage of anything.

However, Huo Mian couldn’t fall asleep in this unfamiliar room and on this unfamiliar bed.

She got up, walked over to the window, and pulled open the curtains, staring at the dim light of the night outside the window…

From where she was standing, she could see the night view of the entire city… Su Yu’s family mansion was built at the perfect location.

She still hadn’t heard any news from or about Qin Chu… If he was still alive, why wasn’t he home yet?

Or rather… was he really dead?

Maybe he was suffering from amnesia?

Huo Mian laughed at herself as soon as this thought popped into her head.

Huo Mian was a doctor and did a lot of research on the human brain. She knew amnesia of that degree usually only appeared on TV and in novels.

Losing one’s memory after a fall? Medically speaking, it was ridiculous, and the chances of that happening were virtually nonexistent.

But why wasn’t Qin Chu back to look for her yet?

She really hoped that he could come back soon… the wait was making her lose her confidence.

She was really afraid that she would one day sink into despair…

– 6 o’clock in the morning –

Huo Mian received a video call after she woke up.

To her surprise, it was from Zhixin …

There was a 5-hour time difference between China and New Zealand, which meant it was 11 o’clock noon over there.

“Zhixin…” Huo Mian answered, still dazed from sleep.

“Mian… How are you?” Yang Meirong’s voice came through.

Huo Mian immediately woke up. “Mom… It’s you, I thought it was Zhixin.”

“Mian… I know what happened.”

“What… what do you know?” Huo Mian became nervous immediately.

“Zhixin said… someone’s been trying to harm you and Qin Chu… so Qin Chu went abroad to stay away from the trouble… and you’re staying at a friend’s house for the time being, is that right?”

Hearing this, Huo Mian relaxed a lot, and she nodded. “It’s true. Mom, don’t be mad, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry…”

“Of course I’m not mad, I know you didn’t want me to worry, but you’re pregnant, so how could I not worry? I want to go back and take care of you… But Zhixin said that if we went back and are caught by those who are trying to hurt you, they might use us to threaten you…”

“That’s right, Mom… so it’s better for you to stay in New Zealand for now. Once I have handled things here, I will go to New Zealand and bring you home myself.”

“Mian, how have you been recently? Have you been throwing up?”


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