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( Witnessing Your Happiness (3)

Huo Mian stopped in her tracks; she said, without turning around, “I told you, I’m waiting for Qin Chu to tell me himself when he comes back.”

Then, she walked out.

In Rick’s eyes, Huo Mian was the strongest woman he had ever met; even when the entire world thought that Qin Chu was dead, she still believed that he was alive.

That was how much she loved him…

“Qin Chu, did you hear what she said? You have to come back alive, or else what is Huo Mian supposed to do?” Rick wasn’t one to be pessimistic, but he could imagine how much pain Huo Mian was living in without Qin Chu.

Huo Mian called Xixi as soon as she walked out of Seductive Fox, “Hello? Xixi, I’m done.”

“How was your talk? How is Rick right now?” Xixi asked anxiously.

“I talked a lot, I think Rick knows what I mean. Hopefully, he’ll buck up soon.”

“Really? That’s amazing, thank you, Huo Mian!” Xixi exclaimed with excitement.

“You’re welcome, I’m happy to help.”

“You’re the best, Huo Mian. I’m going to treat you to a delicious meal next time, okay?”

“Sure.” Huo Mian hung up the phone with a smile; Xixi was a really na├»ve girl who was still in university.

She wasn’t as mature and fierce as Zhu Lingling, nor was she as wise and nonchalant as Jiang Xiaowei.

However, she was so unique… Huo Mian liked Xixi, she felt like her positive aura affected everyone around her.

When Huo Mian thought back at what Rick said, she put away her smile; she was supposed to find out about her real family more than a month ago. Back then, Qin Chu was threatened by Huo Siqian and asked her for a divorce. Once they talked things out and reconciled, they were chatting in the wine cellar at South Hill when Qin Chu received a phone call from Song Yishi, just when he was about to tell her about her real family.

Back then, Huo Mian didn’t think too much into it; she was just happy that she would be able to hear about her family after he came home.

Who knew that from that day onwards, life made a night-and-day change.

After Qin Chu’s arrest, she only saw him twice, both in court. She regretted not hugging Qin Chu more back then and hated herself for being an idiot.

She really missed that familiar scent on Qin Chu’s body and the loving smile he had only when he looked at her…

While her mind was missing Qin Chu, her body suddenly threw forward with a ‘bang’.

“Damn, someone rear-ended us,” the bodyguard who was driving said, his expression grim.

They were driving as usual and weren’t followed by anyone. However, at an intersection, a Toyota shot out from nowhere and crashed right into them… It didn’t seem to have the intention to slow down at all, and it seemed to want to push them down the hill on the side of the road.

Thankfully, the driver was experienced and made a sharp turn before things become worse.

Just as Huo Mian was about to sit up and regain her posture, she heard gunshots coming from all around her.

“We’re surrounded! Protect Miss Huo!” the leading bodyguard shouted as he pushed Huo Mian’s head down.

The only thing she heard was a hail of bullets…

Su Yu was analyzing data in his mansion when his phone rang.

“Boss, something happened to Miss Huo,” An said nervously.

“What did you say?” Su Yu stood up immediately, his expression as ugly as could be.


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