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( It Feels Like a Dream (2)

Not because she would never be his; Su Yu was heartbroken that a woman as young as Huo Mian might have to raise children alone…

After a moment of silence, he replied, “You’re thinking too much, I don’t think Qin Chu’s dead either. He’ll come back… Before his accident, he talked to me alone and told me to take care of Huo Mian. So before he comes back, I’m not going to let anything happen to her. Don’t worry, I might not be the most honest person on earth, but I’m also not one to swoop in and take advantage of a situation like this. The way I treat Huo Mian is my business, it’s just that.”

Upon hearing what Su Yu said, Zhixin fell silent; they were both smart guys, so the mutual understanding was there, even if they didn’t say anything else.

– The Su Family mansion –

Su Yu arrived home as exhausted as could be.

“Yu, you’re home…” Mrs. Su immediately walked up to him.


“I called your company, but your assistant said you weren’t there.”

“Oh, I was out, and I just came back.”

“You look exhausted…”

“It’s nothing… I was just out with friends.”

Then, Su Yu went upstairs to shower and change. When he came downstairs for dinner, he noticed that only he and his mother were at home.

“Where’s Grandpa?”

“He’s at a conference in Jing City.”

“My dad’s not home either.”

“He’s out too… Your dad’s still mad at you.”

“Why is he mad at me? I didn’t do anything to him,” Su Yu muttered nonchalantly as he stuffed some vegetables in his mouth.

“How can you say you didn’t do anything? You’ve caused enough trouble this time. Even your grandpa’s furious… do you know what kind of pickle he’s in? How do you think others will think of him after this incident?”

Mrs. Su knew all the details of this incident; she didn’t stop Su Yu, but she didn’t mean that she agreed with what he did.

After all, too many people were involved – Su Yu pulled his entire family into a giant mess, just because of Huo Mian.

“I don’t care what others think, we didn’t do anything wrong. Mian isn’t a murderer, why can’t I save her?” Su Yu said, filled with confidence.

“You’re such a child… I thought you’ve grown up, but you’re still acting childish.”

“Mom, please stop lecturing me, Grandpa punished me already.”

“Yu, tell me the truth. You still can’t forget Mian, can you?”

“You’re weird, why would I want to forget her?” Speechless, Su Yu glanced at his mother.

“But she has a husband, and she’s pregnant… how much longer do you plan on obsessing over her?”

“I don’t think I’m obsessing, I’m actually enjoying myself. I want to help her and protect her, that’s it,” Su Yu defended himself firmly.

“Are you going to interfere in her life until you die? Are you giving up on yourself? Are you going to be her knight in shining armor for the rest of your life? Don’t you want to be a prince who gets to marry his princess?” Mrs. Su demanded heartbreakingly, tears shining in her eyes.

She didn’t want this for Su Yu; he was so outstanding and such a good man. Why did he have to be hung up on someone who was never going to love him back?

After hearing this, Su Yu’s expression changed slightly, and his chopstick-holding hand froze.


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