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(Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (4)

“Dad… this is… Huo Mian.”

Mrs. Su formerly introduced her…

“How are you, Grandpa Su?” Huo Mian took the initiative to say hello.

After all, she was very grateful to this old man who had saved her life, although he solely did it for Su Yu.

“Good.” Grandpa Su nodded slightly.

His expression was still very serious…

He heard that Huo Mian was moving in from a phone call with Mrs. Su.

He had no objections, since it was just an additional person they needed to set out a placemat for.

Moreover, his grandson pointed a gun at his own head and threatened him with his life for this girl, which meant that she must be very special.

He had already saved her life, so he decided that he might as well help all the way.

Su Yu’s mother had mentioned that it seemed that somebody wanted to harm her, and she was extremely worried about the safety of her unborn babies.

Therefore, Grandpa Su had no objections towards Huo Mian moving to this home.

Although Su Yu’s father strongly opposed this, Grandpa Su was the ultimate boss of this family.

In the end, Su Yu’s father lost to his own father, wife, and son, the score being one to three…

“Dad… You came back just in time. We were just going to have dinner.”


Grandpa Su went back to the bedroom to change, and Su Yu’s mother grabbed Huo Mian’s hand and walked downstairs.

“Be careful, and walk slowly.”


“Don’t be afraid. Although my dad looks very frightful and old-fashioned, he’s a very nice man… He’s old now, and sometimes acts like a silly child.”

After Su Yu’s mother finished talking, Huo Mian laughed along with her.

– At the dinner table –

The three of them sat together and ate silently. The maid’s cooking skills were superb, and she prepared the food diligently, since Huo Mian was pregnant.

The food was delicious, and the taste was just right, but Huo Mian felt awkward being there.

“Xiao Mian… eat as much as you can, alright? You’re pregnant, you’re entitled to eat whatever you want to.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Su, I will.”

Embarrassed that Su Yu’s mother kept putting food on her plate, Huo Mian simply took the initiative to get what she wanted by herself.

“How far along are you?” Grandpa Su asked with a serious look.

Upon hearing this question, Huo Mian froze for a brief second. After a quick glance at Mrs. Su, she answered, “Two months and six days, Grandpa Su.”

“Are they boys or girls?” Grandpa Su continued to ask.

“Um… Grandpa Su… I won’t be able to find out until they’re 4 months old. Right now, it’s still too early to tell.”

Grandpa Su felt a little awkward…

He lightly coughed a little and didn’t say any more.

But Su Yu’s mother picked up the conversation, “Boys and girls will both be great… It’s been a long time since our house had children, it’ll definitely be lots of fun… I’m really looking forward to that day…”

Huo Mian smiled… but she did not say any more.

At this moment, the door of the hall opened, and Su Yu came in, hustling and bustling.

“Young Master, you are back.” Auntie Yu took the initiative to get Su Yu’s shoes for him.

“Why didn’t you wait for me to eat dinner?” Su Yu felt wronged.

“I didn’t even know you were coming home…” Su Yu’s mother looked at her son with a doting smile.

“Hey? What is Huo Mian eating?”

“Glutinous rice porridge with red dates…”

“May I have a bowl of it too…” Su Yu immediately sat down next to Huo Mian.

“That is for pregnant women, are you sure you want some?”

“It’s okay, Madam. There is still a lot in the kitchen. I will go and get some for Young Master.” Auntie Yu quickly walked into the kitchen.

“Grandpa… now that you’ve met Huo Mian… What do you think of her? Isn’t she super cute?”

Su Yu spoke so straightforwardly that it made Huo Mian’s cheeks slightly red.

Su Yu’s mother responded with a little hint of blame, “How could you ask that kind of question in front of a girl… It’s really embarrassing.”

“You brat… learn to put a filter on your mouth, you’re almost thirty years old!” Grandpa Su also scolded him.

“How are you today? Tired? If you need anything, just let me know. I will go and buy it for you.” Su Yu looked at Huo Mian.

“Thank you, I don’t need anything else. Your house is amazing.”

“That’s good. Don’t stress yourself out about living here, and tell my Grandpa if someone’s bullying you. He’s the head of the household,” Su Yu said, pointing his finger pointing at his grandfather, who was sitting opposite from him.

Grandpa Su didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry…

Huo Mian quickly waved her hand. “No one’s bullying me. The great kindness of the Su Family to me weighs like a mountain… I will never forget it.”

When Huo Mian finished speaking, Grandpa Su’s, Su Yu’s mother’s, and Su Yu’s faces all changed.

Su Yu was sitting at the closest to Huo Mian, and he found tears in her eyes…


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