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(I Know He’s Still Alive (12)

“You’re pregnant, protecting yourself and the baby should be your priority… Your return may still be a secret, but there’s a chance Huo Siqian might find out. It’s best to be careful…”

Su Yu felt more uneasy and anxious than ever since it was already hard enough protecting Huo Mian before she became pregnant.

There were now three people he had to protect. If he failed, he would be betraying Qin Chu’s trust.

Sometimes, Su Yu found it unbelievable that he was most trusted by his love-rival.

How much trust did Qin Chu have in him to ask him to take care of Huo Mian?

Perhaps it was because Qin Chu had no other choice…

Su Yu thought that no matter what he did, he would never be able to match what Qin Chu had given her.

He could never match the three years Qin Chu spent with Huo Mian in high school, and the seven years he spent without her.

He only hoped that he would be able to see Huo Mian live a stable and happy life…

That would be the best-case scenario…

Su Yu drove Huo Mian to the Central Military Hospital, put her in the VIP room, and got her a personal caretaker.

Before he left, he repeatedly told the nurse, “Be careful, she’s pregnant with twins.”

“I’ll try my best, Young Master Su, don’t worry.” The nurse was on edge as well.

“Su Yu, I’m fine… Don’t be so nervous.” Huo Mian looked at Su Yu with an entertained expression on her face.

Based on how stressed out Su Yu seemed, those who had no idea what was happening might think that he was the father of the twins.

“You can’t be careless… Call me if you need anything… You’re a sensitive subject right now, you can’t use social media, so I’m not going to leave a phone with you. They have a landline here, I know you can remember my number, so call me if you need something. I’ll come to check on you every day.”

“You don’t have to come every day, go do your things. There are a lot of things at Imperial Star for you to take care of.”

Huo Mian felt really guilty and didn’t want to inconvenience Su Yu any further.

“That’s not as important… Just focus on your own health.”

Su Yu then waved goodbye to her and left the hospital…

Huo Mian laid down on the bed and watched a maternity program on the television without a hint of what had happened to Qin Chu.

After watching TV, she became a little sleepy and was about to rest when she suddenly thought of something.

She then called Rick…

The phone rang for a long time before Rick picked up…

“Rick, it’s Huo Mian.”


“Hey, did Qin Chu meet up with my in-laws after arriving in the States? I’m a little worried about my father-in-law’s condition, I don’t know how he is. Can you help me contact them? I want to talk to them, albeit brief. If it is convenient, it’s best if I can talk to Qin Chu as well.”

Huo Mian didn’t want to inconvenience Rick, as she knew it was a sensitive time. Therefore, she tried to make her request sound as subtle as possible.

Rick, however, remained silent on the other end…

“Rick, are you listening?”

Huo Mian thought that the signal was bad…

“I’m listening.” Rick’s voice was low.

“Can you help me contact them?”

“Huo Mian… There’s an issue on that side. Uh, where are you right now? I’ll come to talk to you in person.”

“I’m at the Central Military Hospital, but I don’t think you can just come and visit… You can contact Su Yu and ask him to arrange a meeting.”

“Okay, I’ll call Su Yu right now.”

“Rick… what happened in America? Did something happen?” Huo Mian asked uneasily.

“I’ll go over the details when I see you.”

Rick didn’t want to say it over the phone, since this was face-to-face news.

At dusk, Su Yu got Rick’s phone call as he was walking out of his home.

His mother stopped him…

“Yu, is Huo Mian back?” looking at her son, Mrs. Su asked.


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