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( It Feels Like a Dream (10)

Grandpa Su continued, “I should have explained the issue to you first. But due to time constraints, and the fact that I went to the capital for a conference, I didn’t have time to explain it to you yet. Here is what happened: the murder suspect is a close friend of my grandson, and in the past, she helped the military doctors under me with an issue I had. Dr. Luo really liked her and even gave her a military rank. I had no idea he did that. After all, I don’t talk much to the medical side. But after this happened to her, you know, people who have military ranks are tried in a military court. The capital was going to investigate it, but they found out that she was two months pregnant, so she was released out of prison on medical parole. That’s it. But from what I heard, she is still confined without freedom and cannot remain at large.”

“But there’s one thing that was odd. Theoretically, if a person is two months pregnant, she shouldn’t be kept in prison. There should be a physical given at local prisons, why didn’t they find out?”

After Commander Su finished, he looked at Mayor Song with a meaningful look.

The latter’s face changed, and he answered awkwardly, “Maybe they were careless and missed it?”

“Then they were too careless. After all, it’s human lives at stake. If our people hadn’t taken her, then the death sentence would have been executed, and there would be two lives involved.”

“Commander Su, to be honest, I just want to seek justice for my daughter. There’s an old saying, a life for a life and it’s a cycle. I don’t think she should be able to avoid the consequences just because she’s pregnant. If all the women kill people while they are pregnant, the country will become a lawless mess. So, in this case, I don’t think you should insert yourself into this business, because you are making this difficult for me. Please also understand the pain I’m going through, as a father who lost his daughter.”

Afterwards, Mayor Song took out his handkerchief and wiped his tears.

It was a great move to show emotion. After Mayor Song shed the tears, Grandpa would definitely soften.

“Qingguo, to tell you the truth, this issue wasn’t me being nosy, it was something I had to do. I have my difficulties too. How should I put it, I understand ‘A life for a life’. Right now, this girl is imprisoned by the military and can’t go far. After she gives birth, we will seriously look into it. After all, this case still has a lot of questionable points. We will look into it and provide your family with an explanation. If she actually committed the murder, then she will definitely be judged and receive the proper sentence.”

What Grandpa Su said was with a strong sense of righteousness and made Mayor Song speechless.

Eventually, he could only nod and say, “Then I will only trouble you for that.”

“No big deal, it’s what I’m supposed to do. The military has its own position. Let’s understand each other.”

“Yes.” Mayor Song didn’t dare say anything else, since Grandpa Su had already made things extremely clear.

– Late at Night –

Huo Mian tossed around in bed and couldn’t fall asleep.

She stood up, walked up to the window, and secretly took out a cigarette. Whenever she felt down, she wanted to smoke so badly.

As she was bringing the cigarette next to her mouth, she realized that she was pregnant.

So she looked outside the window with a depressed look while holding a cigarette in her hand.

She thought about how she and Qin Chu got married in a flash after he returned to the country, all the way up to her pregnancy and not knowing whether he was still alive or not.

Everything seemed just like a dream.

“Qin Chu, are you really going to leave me alone here?” Huo Mian asked, her voice shaking.

At that time, she heard some squeaking sounds from outside.

“Who’s that?” Huo Mian turned around and asked in a panic.


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