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(Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (5)

“Silly girl, why would you say that?” Su Yu’s mother could understand Huo Mian’s feelings, so she felt extremely empathetic.

“Mrs. Su… Thank you for taking care of me without hesitation… and for treating me as part of your family.”

“Grandpa Su… Thank you for bailing me out of prison. I don’t know how I will repay you for saving my life.”

“Su Yu… I don’t want to say thanks to you, as you have done too much for me… We still have years down the road… and I will use the rest of my life to slowly repay you…”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat. What did she mean? Was she going to repay him with herself?

Then he heard Huo Mian continue, “Having an additional person in the house must feel inconvenient… I apologize in advance for the trouble I will be causing you over the next few months.”

“Not at all, not at all, don’t worry about that,” Su Yu’s mother smiled and said immediately.

Grandpa Su cleared his throat and said in a low voice, “Don’t go off into flights of fancy… Our family’s already intervened, so we will see things through and protect you to the best of our ability. Don’t worry too much, and just take good care of your unborn children. We’ll talk about what happens next after they’re born.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Su… then I’ll be myself from now on, or else I’ll seem really high-maintenance.”

After that, Huo Mian took out a tissue and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Then, she picked up her chopsticks from the table and comfortably got the vegetables she liked.

The atmosphere warmed up in an instant. Compared with what it was just minutes ago, this mode of getting along made everyone feel more comfortable.

Su Yu’s mother appreciatively looked at Huo Mian and felt that the emotional intelligence of this girl was indeed very high.

What she said helped everyone else place aside their awkwardness, allowing them to get along more naturally.

Su Yu looked at Huo Mian gently. “You… always like to reason… with a big pile of words… Anyways, you are so good at it… we all have to bow to your superiority.”

“No, I’m not…” Huo Mian retorted with a smile.

After Su Yu finished eating, he did not dare stay long, as he made an agreement with his mother that he would not spend the night at home when Huo Mian’s here.

He didn’t want to cause trouble for Huo Mian, so he left right after dinner.

Huo Mian also went upstairs to rest…

In the living room, Grandpa Su was drinking the best-quality Pu’er tea… and watching a military show.

“Dad… What do you think of the girl Huo Mian?” Su Yu’s mother came over and sat next to her father.

“She’s easy to get along with and very articulate, and she’s not fake nor pretentious. I like how humble and honest she is.”

“Dad, that’s high praise from you.” Su Yu’s mother smiled.

“Actually… I knew this girl must be something before I even met her, why else would my rascal grandson be so infatuated? After meeting her, she really didn’t disappoint… Although she’s not the prettiest woman there is, she’s easy on the eyes and seems well-educated. But it’s too bad…” The old man wanted to say something else but stopped and sighed slightly.

“What is it?” Su Yu’s mother wondered.

“Unfortunately, she’s not the girl for Yu… When I was eating, I observed Yu… He looks so different when looking at this girl… I really hope that she can marry him and carry his children.”

The old man’s age was quite high up there now, and he was particularly eager to see his grandson get married and have children, but Su Yu had been letting him down this entire time.

“Dad… if her husband really doesn’t come back… if he really died… will Yu have a chance in the future? If she falls in love with Yu, will you accept her into our family?”

“There’s also this situation?” Grandpa Su was stunned by the question.




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