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(Never Seen Him This Gentle (8)

“Yes, yes… I went. How could I dare not go after Young Master Su asked me to do something?”

“Ha… Mom, be serious, stop joking around.” Su Yu started to get close to his mom, trying to sweeten the deal for her.

“We’ll have to tidy up the house and sanitize the whole place. Also, get some new towels and other stuff she’d need for daily living. Then, pick Mian up in a few days.”

“Mom, did she agree?” Su Yu was ecstatic.

“Of course. Mian is a smart child. She understands what I meant very well.”

“Mom, I’m very curious about what you said to her.” Su Yu looked at his mother with much respect.

“What I said is not your concern… Oh yeah, when Mian moves in, you’ll have to move out.”

Su Yu was utterly speechless.

“Why?” He looked like a defeated puppy.

“Because we don’t want rumors…”

“Rumours about what?” Su Yu was rather confused by his mother’s words.

“Foolish child… you can’t find a girlfriend when you’re like this. If you’re taking her in and you’re home all the time, she’d feel rather uncomfortable. Mian is a pregnant woman after all… She has a family and in-laws. What if they come back to see her and her children, just to realize that she moved in with us? Are you going to get into a fight with them…? We don’t need to create problems that don’t need to exist… If you really want to see her, then come home for dinner. But there’s no sleeping over… Otherwise, I won’t let Mian move in with us.”

“Mom… do we really need to be that careful? Our family’s so powerful and the media won’t be able to come in and take pictures.”

“It’s not for the media. It’s for Mian’s family… I heard no one knows if her husband’s still alive… But that being said, there’s still a chance that he’s still alive. Then, what would happen when he comes home and sees you guys living together in this house? If it were you, how would you feel?”

Su Yu couldn’t argue with his mom after listening to her strong reasoning.

“I understand… I didn’t think so far… as long as she’s willing to come to our place, I can do anything… I just don’t want her to be in danger… After all, Huo Siqian and Mayor Song are preying upon her…”

“As long as she’s under our roof, you can relax. I am not certain about a lot of things but I am very confident that I can even take care of Huo Mian until she gives birth.”

“Thank you, Mom.” Su Yu gave his mom a hug.

“There’s no need for all these formalities with me. I understand what you want, you silly child…”

Su Yu awkwardly scratched his head…

Nevertheless, his family being willing to take Huo Mian in eased Su Yu’s mind, which meant that he could finally enjoy a good night’s rest.

After dinner, Su Yu drove out to find Wei Liao and Tang Chuan for a drink.

Mrs. Su sat in the living room drinking her flower tea…

“Madam… are we expecting a guest?” one of the maids asked.


“I’ve heard the young master mention the name ‘Mian’ so many times… Hehe… is she someone young master likes?”

“How did you know?” Mrs. Su looked up with curiosity in her eyes.

“That’s because every time he mentions her name… you can see the look in his eyes… I don’t know how to explain it but I can feel it. I’ve been in this house long enough and I’ve watched young master grow up… I can tell when he likes a girl.” The maid smiled in a kind manner.

Mrs. Su nodded. She held onto the cup with flower tea in it and said quietly, “Yes… I’ve never seen him so gentle before.”

“It’s a good thing, the young master finally has someone he likes. Didn’t you worry about how his romantic relationships might be compromised because of his stubborn and disobedient character…?”

“He is indeed disobedient… My poor child… There’s nothing I could do to help him though…”

You could see multiple layers of emotions through Mrs. Su’s eyes. She was very fond of Huo Mian but she knew Huo Mian didn’t belong to Su Yu.

– Somewhere in a subsidiary under the Tang Corporation –

“What? Huo Mian is going to move into your place? Are you serious?” Tang Chuan repeated what Su Yu said in disbelief.


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