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(I Know He’s Still Alive (9)

Zhu Lingling exclaimed, “Twins?”

Jiang Xiaowei said, “My Mian is truly amazing. She either lays low, or she gets two babies at once.”

Gao Ran asked, “So, is this like winning the lottery?”

They all knew how low the chances were of conceiving twins, so they were all going crazy.

“Sis, you’re too good… so you’re having two babies? Are they boys or girls?”

Zhixin couldn’t hold back the excitement and kept asking questions.

“It’s still too early to tell the gender, haha.” Seeing everybody’s expressions entertained Huo Mian.

She suddenly remembered something, looked at Su Yu, and asked, “I don’t think I’ve told you, how did you know I had twins?”

“Dr. Luo told me…” Su Yu looked proud.

“Fine, you win,” Huo Mian subconsciously covered her stomach with her hands and bathed in the happiness.

“Mr. Qin will be so happy when he finds out. He likes kids, and now we’ll have two. It’s going to be so lively…”

When Huo Mian said this, everybody fell silent, and their faces looked a bit odd…

As smart as she was, she immediately realized that something was off. Looking up at the group, she asked, “What’s up with your expressions?”

“Nothing, nothing. We’re too shocked, and we’re happy for you,” Gao Ran guiltily replied.

“Haha… I didn’t even think that I would have twins… It really shocked me, my family doesn’t have the genes for twins, and neither does Qin Chu’s… I really don’t know where the babies came from.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Guys, guys, let’s bet on the genders.” To skip this topic, Tang Chuan changed the topic in an attempt to lighten up the mood.

Zhu Lingling said, “I think it’ll be two boys, they’re going to be such troublemakers, haha.”

Gao Ran agreed with his girlfriend.

Zhixin said, “I think that it’ll be a boy and a girl, that would make me so happy as an uncle.”

Jiang Xiaowei said, “I think it’ll be that too, it would be great to have both a son and a daughter.”

Wei Liao agreed with his wife.

Ni Yang said, “I think it’ll be two boys, the older brother can take care of the younger one. That would be nice.”

Chen Jie said, “Then I think it’ll be twin girls. The older sister can take care of her younger sister. That would be nice too.”

Ni Yang replied, “Are you going against me? Look at them, they’re all agreeing with their significant others.”

Chen Jie was speechless…

Tang Chuan said, “I think it’ll be two boys, haha, they would turn your house upside down…”

At last, Tang Chuan looked at the silent Su Yu.

“Su Yu, what do you think?”

After a few seconds of silence, Su Yu looked at Huo Mian and said, “It’ll be two girls.”

“Why?” Tang Chuan couldn’t understand.

“When girls grow up, they’ll take care of their parents. Girls are easier to raise anyway, boys are too troublesome.”

“Haha, that’s true too.” Tang Chuan laughed.

Everyone began eating as the mood picked up once again.

Su Yu looked at Huo Mian from across the table…

He had something else that he didn’t say.

He actually wanted to say that he hoped for two girls because girls take after their mother.

How wonderful would it be If there were two more girls like Huo Mian in this world?

Zhixin kept putting food in his sister’s plate, afraid that she wasn’t getting enough nutrients for the twins, completely showing his caring nature.

“Zhixin, has Mom called lately?”

“Right… I just remembered. Quickly, call Mom… She’s been so worried about not talking to you lately, I can’t lie anymore. She wants to come back… I think she’ll stop asking if she hears your voice.”

After speaking, Zhixin called his mom on his phone.

Huo Mian went to the washroom and spoke to her mother alone.

Using this opportunity, Jiang Xiaowei said, “I don’t think we should tell Mian about Qin Chu yet.”


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