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(Grand Wedding of Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling (8)

“I… I don’t know yet, haha, just going with the flow for now… It’s not a bad situation… they all say how much men change before and after marriage. Before you get married, the man will treat you like a queen so you won’t run away. Once you do get married and there’s no room to change your mind anymore, he’s going to start acting like the big boss. Wasn’t there a joke about this phenomenon? When a couple was leaving a restaurant, the girl accidentally walked into the glass door and the guy was all like, ‘Gosh, baby, does it hurt? Where? Let me look at it.’ This means they’re still boyfriend and girlfriend. If the guy’s like ‘Are you f*cking blind, how could you not have seen that glass door?’, it means they’re husband and wife…”

After Zhu Lingling’s remarks, Jiang Xiaowei and Huo Mian immediately burst into laughter.

“What are you guys talking about?” Gao Ran looked over at them in confusion, and Jiang Xiaowei laughed, “Your girlfriends probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. Without her, our lives would be so boring.”

Huo Mian, on the other hand, patted Zhu Lingling on the shoulder. “Ever since I met her, my life filled with laughter… Because of her, I feel younger than most people my age.”

“Of course you do! You need to thank me, you get to stay young forever without makeup because of me,” Zhu Lingling said, obviously proud of herself.

Soon, the dishes were served… there were seven of them in the room, but almost 30 dishes on the table, each as delicious as could be.

This was Huo Mian’s first time at one of Tang Chuan’s family’s establishments. Today, she suddenly felt that Tang Chuan was not a bad guy at all. Aside from the fact that he liked to hit on girls, he was a really nice person who treated his friends like family.

When the guys chatted and drank, the three ladies began talking about popular TV shows and fashion trends.

As they ate, Su Yu looked up at Huo Mian, who was sitting not far away from him and chit-chatting with Zhu Lingling and Jiang Xiaowei.

The corner of her lips was curled into a faint smile…

He suddenly wondered how happy he would be if Huo Mian were his wife, and he got to see her every single day and hang out with their friends as a couple.

He would probably die of happiness…

After a few drinks, Tang Chuan leaned forward and whispered into Su Yu’s ear, “Yu, Qin Chu’s probably not coming back, you need to seize the opportunity. Huo Mian needs company at a time like this, she’ll definitely be touched by everything you’ve done for her. After a year or maybe three or five years, she’ll be yours. This is your chance!”

“What are you bullshitting about?” Su Yu retorted, feeling embarrassed.

“Come on, Yu, haven’t you always liked her? In the past, you didn’t want to intervene in her marriage, but now she doesn’t have a husband… Don’t you want to court her and find out if anything’s going to happen between the two of you? Or would you rather stay in the friend zone forever?”

After Tang Chuan’s riveting speech, Su Yu fell silent…

“Or do you have a problem with her children not being yours?”

“No, of course not, I don’t care about that,” Su Yu immediately shook his head and explained.

“Then what are you hesitating about? If you don’t care about that, then court her, right now!”

“You don’t understand… Huo Mian’s not someone who easily falls for others… I think she really loves Qin Chu…” Su Yu said as a hint of loneliness flashed before his eyes.

“Are you an idiot? You’re too smart not to know that time cures everything and helps a person forget everything… Qin Chu’s death may take a toll on Huo Mian right now, but after a while, she’ll start to forget and let go… then, she’ll accept you. Be confident, okay? You’re a catch.”


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