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(Never Seen Him This Gentle (10)

It was actually Mo Xue’er…

Of course, Mo Xue’er saw Huo Mian too. She glanced at the latter and smiled, but it didn’t look like she meant it.

Then, Mo Xue’er picked up the microphone and said, “Everyone, thank you for the warm welcome. I’m going to sing for you now. What do you guys want to hear?”

Mo Xue’er was interacting with the guests. Huo Mian suddenly wasn’t at all interested…

Huo Mian believed firmly that Mo Xue’er had perjured herself for Huo Siqian and might have even known the whole truth to the situation.

That was why Huo Mian despised her…

“You can stay and watch. I’m a bit sleepy so I’ll go back and nap.”

“But you just came…” The nurse didn’t know what happened in the past between Huo Mian and Mo Xue’er, so she thought it was a shame that Huo Mian didn’t stay and watch.

“It’s okay… you can stay and watch.”

Huo Mian patted the nurse on the shoulder and left.

Mo Xue’er stared towards the direction of Huo Mian and watched as the latter turned her back and left. Mo Xue’er smirked.

Huo Mian slowly fell asleep on her bed…

She felt like someone was in her patient room looking down at her.

She opened her eyes widely and saw Mo Xue’er in her room.

“Why are you here?”

“Why? Are you scared?” Mo Xue’er beamed, but her smile looked incredibly creepy.

Huo Mian sat up subconsciously as she became more alert.

It was clear that Mo Xue’er was on Huo Siqian’s side and was, therefore, an enemy.

“You look well… you eat well, you drink well… Seems like the Su Family has done a lot for you…”

“What does that have to do with you?” Huo Mian responded in an icy tone.

“Nothing really… I’m just curious how well you perform in bed. How can you make Su Yu love you so unconditionally… He even used the army’s powers to protect you… How amazing are you to have two men fighting for you… Oh… My bad, it’s three men, not two… Even my beloved Siqian is crazy for you…”

“I don’t want to argue with you. Can you please leave… now!” Huo Mian commanded.

“What’s the hurry? We’ve known each other for so long. I told them that we were good friends and they believed it…! Hehe… They see us as besties…”

“Mo Xue’er, can you not be such a despicable person? Have you been around Huo Siqian so long that you became such a fake human being… Aren’t you tired of pretending so much?” Huo Mian asked Mo Xue’er with composure.

“I’m the one to decide whether it’s tiring or not… that is not something you need to worry about.”

“Then it’s also none of your business who I mess around with,” Huo Mian rebutted.

When Huo Mian finished her sentence, she was about to get up…

“Are you thirsty? Let me pour you a glass of water.”

Mo Xue’er immediately went over to pour out a glass of water…

She passed it over to Huo Mian but Huo Mian didn’t take it.

Upon seeing this, Mo Xue’er simply let go of the cup, letting the hot water spill and the cup shatter to pieces.

The hot water splashed around and almost burned Huo Mian. Luckily, Huo Mian was quick to react so she was able to dodge the assault.

“Someone, please come over…”

Huo Mian was really mad…

A bodyguard came running over. He asked, “Ms. Huo, is everything alright?”

“Please walk this person out right now. Immediately.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” A tall bodyguard walked over to Mo Xue’er and began pulling her out of the room without another question.

“Hehe… Huo Mian, you think you can protect your children? Stop dreaming… Huo Siqian would never let them off the hook… You will never be able to give birth to those children because he always has ways to get to you… In the end, he will trap you like a little sparrow in a locked cage. What a pity, what a shame, how sad…” Mo Xue’er kept spitting out mean words at Huo Mian as she was escorted out.


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