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( Grand Wedding of Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling (1)

When Huo Mian turned around, she thought she saw a black figure appear at the door.

She noticed it because of the small window on the door.

Huo Mian immediately ran over and opened the door.

After she ran outside, she seemed to see the figure of a man.

Huo Mian gathered her courage and ran up. But she couldn’t find any trace of the person.

“So weird, where did that person go?”

“Miss Huo, what happened?” The young nurse who was in charge of Huo Mian ran over immediately to check on her after hearing sounds.

“Nothing, I thought I saw a person.”

“A person? A man or a woman?” The young nurse was startled.

“A man, tall and big, in black.”

“What about his appearance? Did you see him clearly?”

“No, I just kind of saw a suspicious figure at my door.” Now after second thought, it was scary. If Huo Mian didn’t hear the sound and didn’t turn around in time, that person could have already snuck into Huo Mian’s room.

It was so horrific, especially at night.

“Oh my god, that’s really scary. Let me inform someone first so they can send better security. Young Master Su said nothing is allowed to go wrong. You have to be well-protected.”

“Don’t tell Su Yu. I don’t want him to worry,” said Huo Mian.

“Well… Okay.”

The young nurse was not sure about the relationship between Huo Mian and Su Yu, so she didn’t ask any more questions.

But after Huo Mian went back to her room, the young nurse still secretly called Su Yu.

Maybe she wanted to leave a good impression on this crazy rich person.

The young nurse repeated what had happened in the middle of the night vividly and even described how Huo Mian was so scared that her face turned pale.

Su Yu was originally planning to sleep, but after hearing what she said, he was completely awakened and immediately hopped off the bed after putting on his clothes.

He then made a phone call to An.

“President Su…”

“Any findings on the issue that I asked you to check?”

“It is actually suspicious. All those cars were suspicious.”

“Whose people are they?”

“As of right now, we are not sure if they are from Huo Siqian or from Mayor Song. But one thing that we can be certain of is that you are definitely being tracked, and their goal is probably Miss Huo.”

Su Yu remained silent.

“Sir, I don’t think Miss Huo is in a safe situation, you really need to protect her,” An added.

“I got it.” Su Yu felt irritated. He couldn’t fall asleep again after hanging up the phone.

He wanted to give Huo Mian a call since there was a landline in her room.

But after checking the time, he was reluctant to bother her since it was pretty late.

He stood up and lit a cigarette. Afterward, he was going to make coffee when he accidentally heard a conversation between his mom and grandpa.

“Dad, the reason you went to see Mayor Song is for the girl that Su Yu is protecting right?”

“Yes.” Grandpa Su nodded.

“What did he want? Was he unsatisfied that our family got into his business?”

“He was definitely unsatisfied. After all, he lost his daughter. He also explained the situation to me indirectly.”

“What situation? They want us to surrender the girl?”

“No, he didn’t ask us to give her up, he doesn’t have the guts to.”

“Even if he did, we couldn’t do that. Yu really cares about that girl too much, or else he wouldn’t have threatened me like that. We’re already involved, so we might as well see it through.”

“Dad, but will Mayor Song be willing to give it up? Will he cause us trouble?”


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