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( Never Seen Him This Gentle (1)

“I think Su Yu might sink deeper and deeper…” Jiang Xiaowei said.

“I think this is Yu’s dream come true, it might be a good thing… although you guys are on Qin Chu’s side and might hate me for saying this, I still have to analyze the situation objectively. If Qin Chu’s really dead, then it’s Su Yu’s opportunity… He’s Huo Mian’s best choice. At the same time, Yu loves her very much,” Tang Chuan immediately went into speech-mode.

“Mian’s not one to fall in love with another person easily…” Zhu Lingling said, unwilling to settle.

“I know she’s not, but it’s just a matter of time. Who’s to say that in fifty years, if Yu doesn’t get married and continues to care for her and her children the way he takes care of her now, she wouldn’t fall for him? After all, people aren’t perfect, she won’t be able to stay indifferent forever.”

The group was surprised by Tang Chuan’s wise words and could tell that he was on Su Yu’s side.

Gao Ran nodded, analyzing objectively, “Tang Chuan’s right, it’s just a matter of time. But how can a person of Su Yu’s status refuse to marry for fifty years? His family’s not going to allow it. Plus, once Huo Mian has her twins and becomes a single mother of two, will the Su Family let her in their door? Can they accept her?”

“I’ve got to disagree with you on this. You guys know how Su Yu acted when he threatened his grandpa. The Su Family may be prestigious, but they’re also reasonable. From what I’ve heard, Mrs. Su likes Huo Mian a lot. As for Grandpa Su, he might not be able to accept Huo Mian, but if his grandson loves her, he won’t stop them.”

“This is way down the road, we should let things take its course,” Jiang Xiaowei chimed in after taking a sip of water.

Wei Liao nodded. “I feel the same way. If Qin Chu really doesn’t come back… then Su Yu is unquestionably the best person to take care of Huo Mian.”

After hearing what Wei Liao said, the group fell silent; no one said anything else to object, because they all knew how Su Yu felt towards Huo Mian…

Huo Mian stood atop a low windowsill out on the corridor of the restaurant, looking down from the sixth floor. They weren’t high up, but the scenery was beautiful.

This private kitchen was secretly-located with a garden and backyard. From where Huo Mian was, she could see all the trees and plants in the garden… they were beautiful.

It wasn’t yet spring in Northern China yet, but it was warmer than it used to be. A few swallows were already back from the south, building their nests below the edge of the roof.

Huo Mian reached out to open the window; the cold breeze blew in, immediately clearing up her head.

She placed a hand on her lower abdomen and whispered, “Qin Chu, spring is here… but you’re not home yet. If you’re not coming back, can you tell me in my dreams? That way, our children and I will go find you in the other world.”

The truth was she felt hopeless, because she didn’t know how much longer she had to wait for the man she loved to come back… it felt endless.

Therefore, at that moment, she felt like ending all the pain.

A strong breeze blew through the windows, and her skinny figure swayed as if she might fall over at any moment.

That was the scene Su Yu saw when he found Huo Mian, standing on the windowsill of the sixth-floor corridor with the windows wide open.

He immediately felt his heart in his throat and shouted angrily, “Huo Mian, what do you think you’re doing!”


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