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(Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (2)

“Not yet…” The servant bowed his head apologetically.

With a “pa” sound, the girl had smashed a wine glass onto the ground and the glass immediately broke into a million pieces.


“Please calm your anger, Boss… We tried our best… But his whereabouts are too secretive… I think he must be hiding from someone…”

Lu Yan looked out of the window and her face became gloomy…

When her elder sister’s husband left, the plane exploded and crashed midway. She was quite shocked when she first received the news.

Thereafter, she immediately sent someone to search… in secret.

She had finally received some news about Qin Chu a few days ago.

One of the fishermen in that sea area did indeed have a young man under his care.

But he left shortly…

Lu Yan believed that that young man must have been Qin Chu, but where did he go after he left?

Why didn’t he go back to Huo Mian?

He loved her so much…

Therefore, Lu Yan blocked the news and took the fisherman and his family away. To put it in good terms, she helped them move to a new place.

But to put it in bad terms, she placed them under house arrest and was watching over them, as Lu Yan didn’t want anybody to know about Qin Chu’s whereabouts.

Yes, a lot of people were looking for them, but many others didn’t want him to go back, hoping that he would disappear forever.

“How is my sister?”

“She moved into the Su Family… and she is very safe.”

“How is she emotionally?”

“Very good… Her emotions have been very stable, Boss… I know how worried you are, why don’t you go see her yourself?”

“Don’t say nonsense… If I could, I wouldn’t be asking you questions here!” Lu Yan was very angry.

Last time, she did not listen to her dad and went to save Huo Mian directly from Japan right after she completed her mission, which almost led to grave consequences.

If it wasn’t for that idiot Qiao Fei who rushed there and took her away, it was very likely she would have met Ian face to face that day.

If that would have been the case, she would have gotten herself into trouble there, let alone save others…

But how did Ian find out so quickly where she was? According to the usual pattern, it normally took twenty-four hours before Ian would start tracking her…

Was it possible that someone leaked her whereabouts? Who? Was it that guy Huo Siqian?

Lu Yan was not familiar with Huo Siqian, as she had not been interested in investigating him, who in her mind was just a small character from a small city.

But what happened last time really shocked her…

So she also sent someone to investigate Huo Siqian. Strangely, she couldn’t find any information on him in those six years he studied abroad.

Things were becoming more and more interesting…

She felt very gratified when she knew that she was the first to find out that Qin Chu was still alive.

But if Qin Chu was still alive, why didn’t he go back to see her sister?

This was another unsolved mystery…

She was very worried about her sister’s situation…

If it were not because of Dad…

As she was deep in thought, her phone rang again.

Lu Yan took a look helplessly at the caller ID and pressed the exquisite watch on her wrist.


“I just listened to your message when I came to the lab this morning… Your sister is pregnant?”

“Yes,” Lu Yan replied, rolling her eyes.

“Really?” The old man at the other end had a little excitement in his voice.

“Calm down, Daddy… It is my sister who is pregnant, not me… What are you so excited about? She has been married for more than a year. Isn’t it normal for her to get pregnant?”

“She’s pregnant with twins?” the old man asked again.


“My… God bless us… If your mother knew, she would be very happy,” the old man burst into tears.

Upon hearing this sentence, Lu Yan’s eyes dimmed.

“Have you gone to see my mom recently?” Lu Yan’s voice was very soft.


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