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(Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (8)

“There’s not much movement on that side…”

“Where is Lu Yan right now?” Huo Siqian asked.

“We’re not sure… you know that her tracks have been a mystery all these years. Even Master Ian can’t find her, let alone us…”

“Okay, I got it, you can leave now.”

After his lackeys left his office, Huo Siqian rubbed his temple with one hand, feeling envious. He had felt this way ever since Qin Chu disappeared.

This plane crash he orchestrated was perfect – the plane exploded above the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the night. There were so many people on board, and even his own people’s bodies were found to have been scorched.

But the weird thing was, Qin Chu disappeared…

As careful as Huo Siqian was, he would never believe that Qin Chu was dead without seeing the body and a DNA test.

Therefore, aside from Huo Mian, Huo Siqian also believed that Qin Chu was still alive.

As for the others, they all lost hope and thought that Qin Chu had died, even his good friends like Rick and Gao Ran.

Huo Siqian diligently plotted Song Yishi’s death, and then, he slowly set up traps for Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

His plan was flawless, but the results weren’t to his liking, mostly because he couldn’t rest easy without knowing if Qin Chu was really dead or not.

Moreover, Su Yu interfered and protected Huo Mian, not letting the latter out of his sight. When she was staying at the military hospital, Huo Siqian would occasionally receive videos and photos of her, but ever since she moved into Su Yu’s family home, he completely lost sight of her.

Huo Siqian didn’t have to guts to evade the Su Mansion’s defense. After all, Su Yu’s grandfather was a nationally-influential figure that he couldn’t afford to offend.

In the past, he always thought of himself as the smartest person on Earth who did everything perfectly. But now, he realized that he really didn’t do much with his life – he even failed to get Huo Mian.

Just then, Huo Siqian’s phone rang; he looked at his screen and saw a string of weird but familiar numbers.

After taking a deep breath in, he stood up, connecting the call, “Hi Huo, long time no talk.”

“Yes, Master Ian… I haven’t seen you in so long.”

“I thought I would be able to see you the last time I was in town, but that little brat Lu Yan ran away…”

“Lu Yan isn’t easy to catch. You’ve been after her for so many years but failed to do so after all.”

“Haha… that’s why I’m interested in her… You know I don’t usually pay attention to women, but she’s different.”

“Aren’t you after her because that way you would be able to threaten Professor Lu?”

“That’s one of the reasons, the other is… I plan on marrying Lu Yan.”

“Marrying her? You have an interesting taste, Master,” Huo Siqian chuckled.

“No, you don’t understand how cute she is, she’s like my little angel… Her missions are always so perfectly executed…” Huo Siqian could tell how impressed Ian was by Lu Yan.

“But from what I know, the third heir of the Qiao family in Russia has had his eyes on her for a while now, are you sure you’ll be able to win her over?”

“Do you think I’d be afraid of a little brat?” Ian asked arrogantly.

“Okay then… I wish for your success.”

“So… can you tell me if you have found the person I’m looking for?” Ian suddenly changed the subject.

Upon hearing this, Huo Siqian’s expression changed slightly before answering, “Not yet.”


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