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( It Feels Like a Dream (3)

After five seconds of silence, Su Yu slowly opened his mouth, “Mom, I like treating her this way.”

“Do you plan on doing this for the rest of your life?” Mrs. Su asked; her questions were especially sharp today.

“What’s wrong with that?” Su Yu asked quietly, afraid to look his mother in the eye.

Mrs. Su lifted her hand and wiped the tears off her face. Then, she said, “Yu, I’m not your traditional closed-minded mom, and I would never overly-interfere with your life. I want you to be happy, so I never said anything, no matter what you did and what scandals you involved yourself with. I didn’t even blame you when you threatened your grandpa this time. I’m just worried that you might live the rest of your life alone. What are you going to do when you grow old? Your dad and I won’t be around forever, how can I leave this earth when you don’t have anyone else?”

After hearing what his mother said, Su Yu finally understood that his mother wasn’t forbidding him from liking Huo Mian, nor was she forcing him to get married and have children.

She was just worried that he wouldn’t have anyone by his side when she, his dad, and his grandpa were dead… She just didn’t want him to live his life alone.

Only then did he understand his mother’s good intentions…

“Mom, you’re worrying too much, haha, that day’s still really really really far away. Children have their own luck, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Then, Su Yu looked down and went back to eating.

The next morning, Su Yu drove to Imperial Star for the morning meeting. Afterward, he headed to the military hospital.

When he arrived, Huo Mian was having her morning snack – fruits and biscuits.

She ate slowly and quietly… a nurse carefully stood by her side, in case she needed help with anything.

“Hey, you’re here.” Huo Mian smiled when she saw Su Yu walk in.

“Mhm, have you had breakfast yet?”

“Yeah, at around 6. This is the morning snack.”

“Did you get checked up?”

“Mhm, the doctor said everything’s normal, and my babies are healthy.”

“That’s good.” Su Yu nodded as he sat down across on the couch across from her bed. “It’s stuffy in here, do you want to go hang out at Xiaowei’s?”

“Sure, but you’ll have to wait until I finish eating.”

Then, Huo Mian scarfed down the leftover food in her plate; she looked completely different from the weak woman Su Yu saw last night…

“Are you okay now?”

“Yeah, I’m great.” Huo Mian finished her last bite of food, got up, and reached for her jacket. “Let’s go.”

Su Yu didn’t respond.

“Aren’t we going to Xiaowei’s place?” Huo Mian asked.

“Um… let’s go.”

Su Yu decided to avoid the downtown area; after all, Huo Mian’s status was special, and he didn’t want them to draw attention.

Forty minutes later, they arrived at Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao’s mansion.

Zhixin went back to Sky Blessing Court and Wei Liao was at work, so Jiang Xiaowei was alone at home and extremely happy to see Huo Mian. She immediately pulled the latter off to her room, and the two began chatting nonstop.

Su Yu appreciated Jiang Xiaowei’s sensibility and intellect and felt like she was the best person to console Huo Mian at a time like this.

Plus, they were both pregnant, so they must have a lot to talk about.

Su Yu, on the other hand, began working in the living room, quietly waiting for the two of them to come out.

– At the same time, in the mayor’s office –

Mayor Song didn’t say anything, but his expression was as dark as could be.

“Mayor Song, what should we do now? Things are going to be hard now that the military intervened.”

“Are you sure Commander Song was the one who gave the orders?”

“I am, everyone knows that Dr. Luo works under Commander Su. I’m certain that Commander Su told him to release Huo Mian. I heard Commander Su’s grandson likes her, and they were involved in scandals a while back…”

By the time his assistant finished speaking, Mayor Song’s face was uglier than ever.

“Call Commander Su. I want to talk to him, face to face,” Mayor Song bit down on his teeth and said, word for word…


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