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( Never Seen Him This Gentle (5)

“What? Are you scared now?” Mo Xue’er looked at Huo Siqian with a smirk of victory.

Huo Siqian suddenly grabbed her hand tightly…

“What? Are you going to hurt me?”

“Confess… how did you know? Did you investigate her?” Huo Siqian was at his worst, with his face all concerned.

He didn’t like how Mo Xue’er kept targeting Huo Mian.

“I didn’t…”

“Then how did you find out?”

“I… I… Well, a hardcore fan of mine that works at the Army Hospital saw Huo Mian every day so she told me through WeChat… I swear, I haven’t told anyone,” Mo Xue’er tried to talk her way out of it.

But Huo Siqian didn’t show any signs that he believed her story.

“I’m warning you… you better keep a distance from her…”

“Even if I can help you get her? ”

“I don’t need your help… Just keep your distance… I don’t need your help.”

Huo Siqian pushed Mo Xue’er away with force. Thankfully, there was someone behind her so she bumped into them.

If not, she would have fallen into the pool…

Feeling humiliated, Mo Xue’er grabbed her stuff and began storming off in anger.

“Xue’er, are you leaving already?” a few directors greeted her.

Mo Xue’er didn’t respond…

“Huo Mian, Huo Mian… all you see is that b*tch, Huo Mian. I’m going to show her someday who’s boss.”

Mo Xue’er continuously cursed Huo Mian while stomping out.

– The next morning –

After waking up, Huo Mian ate her breakfast and was about to turn on the television for some educational programs, which apparently was good for antenatal education, when she suddenly heard the nurse that was in charge of taking care of her say, “Ms. Huo, someone’s here to see you…”

Huo Mian wondered to herself who would come to visit her. Before she could reach a conclusion, the door opened, and she could see who it was.

She was wearing a white suit. It made her look tidy and elegant.

“Mrs. Su?” Huo Mian exclaimed in surprise.

“Mian… hurry and sit back down with me.”

Su Yu’s mother rushed over to the bedside. She first put the fruit basket and flowers on the side.

Then, she carefully helped Huo Mian back down.

“I’m fine…”

“Mian… how far along are you?”

“It’s only been two months… so it’s not visible on the belly yet.” Huo Mian smiled.

“I heard everything from Yu… I’m so sorry I didn’t come earlier to visit you.”

“No, no, no… it’s alright. Mrs. Su, please don’t be sorry. I’m really thankful that you came. You’re an elder… if it wasn’t too inconvenient for me to move around… I would have come to visit you sooner.”

Huo Mian had great respect for Su Yu’s mother…

She had met her a few times at South Side. Huo Mian felt that Su Yu’s mother was a very well-educated lady.

“You don’t have to put it that way… Fate has brought us together… I like you, child… You’re also a good friend of Yu’s… That’s why you don’t need to treat me like an outsider.”


Huo Mian was still a bit reserved around Mrs. Su.

Mrs. Su brought some lavender and lilies for Huo Mian; she put it in a flowerpot beside her bed.

Then she took out an apple from the fruit basket and started peeling the skin.

“Mian… you need to eat more apples, understood? There’s a lot of vitamins in apples…”

“I will.”

“Look at me… I almost forgot you’re a doctor and you know more than me… Hahaha…”

Mrs. Su started to laugh at how silly she was. Her laughter was as innocent as a little girl.

Huo Mian couldn’t help but chuckle along…

“Let me tell you about myself… sometimes… I’m very forgetful. Su Yu had said that I might have dementia… But when Yu was still in me, I ate a lot of apples… maybe that’s why he was born so healthy and strong… even though his skin is a bit tanned now, that wasn’t innate. It was because he was under the sun a lot in the army… The lesson of the story is to eat a lot of apples.”

“Okay. I’ll do as you say.” Huo Mian nodded. She felt very warm inside.

Her mom wasn’t by her side and it had been a while since an elder talked to her this way. That was why she felt really glad.

After some chit-chatting, Mrs. Su finally got to her main point…

Mrs. Su handed over the peeled apple to Huo Mian and Huo Mian had only taken one bite into the apple when she heard Mrs. Su talk, “Mian, I actually came here today to ask you if you could move into our place.”

“Ahem…” Huo Mian choked on the apple. “Sorry, but what did you just say?”



  1. Hmmmmmmmmm

    When is Chu showing up sef

    I'm been impatient now
    Is he going to show up when Su Yu has fallen deeper in love with Mian?

    Something is really not right

    1. M telling you.... M really sad 4 Su Yu



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