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(I Know He’s Still Alive (14)

“Yes, twins! I feel like I’m in a dream, it feels so unrealistic. I wonder if Qin Chu would faint from being too happy when he finds out!” Huo Mian giggled out loud, looking like a young girl who couldn’t mask her happiness.

However, the bright smile from Huo Mian only felt like a laser aimed right at Rick’s heart.

Su Yu stood outside and peeked in. His heart also throbbed as he watched her smile.

He then turned around, took out a cigarette, and put it in his mouth.

“Young Master Su, you can’t smoke in the hospital,” a nurse reminded him kindly.

Su Yu listened quietly and put the unlit cigarette behind his ear with a smooth motion.

The nurse walked over shyly, “Young Master Su, is the girl in the room your friend?”


“She’s very kind. She never tells us what to do and tries to do everything on her own. She also has a lot of professional knowledge about medicine.”

“Of course, she’s a doctor.” Su Yu let out a bitter smile.

“I will go in and measure her vital.,” Before the nurse could head in, Su Yu stopped her. “She’s talking to someone important, why don’t you come back later?”

“Okay.” The nurse walked out a couple of steps before glancing back at Su Yu. She bit her lip hesitatingly and asked, “Young Master Su, what’s your Wechat ID?”

Su Yu was startled for a moment, but he quickly answered, “I don’t use WeChat.”

“Oh… Okay…” It was obvious Su Yu was rejecting her. In today’s day and age, everyone used WeChat. There were only two reasons as to why someone would say they don’t use the app – they’re either lying to you, or they’re being polite about rejecting you.

Su Yu stood out in the hallway anxiously, as if waiting for a conclusion.

Rick, who sat inside the room, held his tongue as he watched Huo Mian’s smile grow wider.

“Congrats. They will be very cute,” Rick said faintly.

“Thanks! Oh, by the way, where is Xixi? Why isn’t she with you? I’m starting to miss her!”

“She’s busy studying these days, a lot of midterms.”

“Oh, I guess I’ll treat her to dinner some other day then.” Huo Mian smiled some more.

“Huo Mian…” Rick called her name gently.


“I’m sorry,” Rick looked down and apologized quietly.

“Why are you apologizing?” Huo Mian was still smiling, but deep down, she sensed bad news coming her way.

“I’m really sorry, Qin Chu… he…” Rick paused.

“What happened to Qin Chu?” Huo Mian asked anxiously. She felt her heart wrenching as she watched Rick’s face.

After five seconds of silence, Rick took a deep breath and continued slowly, “That night, I forced Qin Chu onto the jet and escorted him to the international waters. On the other side was my brother’s jet that was waiting. Upon confirming it was, in fact, my brother’s people, I let him board the plane. But… the plane exploded at 248 nautical miles and crashed into the South Pacific Ocean.”

“What about Qin Chu?” Huo Mian could barely hear herself.

“Qin Chu went missing. The likelihood of him surviving the crash is very low. We’ve been searching for three days now, and we haven’t found anything. But, one thing for sure is that my brother’s men on that plane died, so Qin Chu…”

Huo Mian fell back to her bed numbly. In merely a second, she felt a wave of coldness engulf her.


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