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(Su Family’s Kindness to Me Weighs Like a Mountain (9)

“How is that possible… Huo, do you know how much I trust you? I also know how big your forces are in China, how have you not found her yet? She’s the key to the puzzle… If we catch her, Professor Lu and Lu Yan will both surrender.”

“But I really haven’t found her. You know how big our country is, and there are more than a billion people here… Where am I even supposed to begin? I have no idea where she is, and there’s a lot of secluded areas in the country that don’t have cellphones or GPS. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.”

“Fine… Remember, if you find her, tell me immediately.”

“Of course.”

“Okay then, that’s all,” Ian said, subsequently hanging up the phone.

Huo Siqian let out a sigh of relief; Ian was a terrifying and moody man who killed more people than he ate meals. His methods were brutal, and he was a well-known killer amongst gang groups around the world. Even his lackeys were horrendous… It was no wonder that even someone like Lu Yan hid from him like a mouse to a cat.

Huo Siqian wondered how much of his words Ian believed just now, but he had no choice. If Mian really ended up in Ian’s hands, she would be better off dead.

What he wanted was for Huo Mian to be by his side, so he could make her happy. He wasn’t going to let her stand in harm’s way…

– Su Mansion –

Mrs. Su and Auntie Yu were making sweet soup in the kitchen, while Huo Mian and Grandpa Su played Chinese chess in the living room.

Grandpa Su loved playing chess but would only play with Su Yu in the past. When Su Yu wasn’t home, the old man would play against himself.

Huo Mian was good at chess, and when she saw Grandpa Su playing on his own, she walked up to him, hoping to entertain.

After their first match, Grandpa Su was overjoyed – he felt like he had finally found a match, and immediately pulled Huo Mian down to keep playing with him.

“Grandpa Su… you lost again…”

“My god, you’re really good… you’re even better than my little brat of a grandson!” Grandpa Su exclaimed; this was high praise coming from him.

Truth be told, Huo Mian never learned how to play chess, nor did she study techniques. When they were young, she used to play with Zhixin, and when she worked at South Side, she would play with the elderly patients so they would take their meds.

It was a pure talent that she could still play this well.

“Hm, I hear someone talking behind my back.” Su Yu was walking into the foyer when he heard Grandpa Su talk to Huo Mian.

“Perfect timing! Come, take a look at her, you used to think you’re good, but I bet Huo Mian’s going to strip you into pieces if you play her.”

Grandpa Su’s remarks piqued Su Yu’s interest; he asked, “Seriously? You’re not exaggerating, are you?”

“If you don’t believe me, try for yourself.” Grandpa Su waved his hands.

Su Yu handed the bags of fruit he had in his hands over to Auntie Yu. “Put all this in the fridge, I bought it for Huo Mian.”

“I will, Young Master.” Auntie Yu took the fruits with a smile.

Su Yu walked towards Grandpa Su and Huo Mian as he took off his jacket; he was obviously unconvinced by Huo Mian’s skills.

Grandpa Su sat up, giving his seat to his grandson. “Come, sit down, I want to watch the two of you play.”

“Should we bet on something?” Su Yu laughed as he rolled up his sleeves.

“The loser has to call the winner ‘master’, what do you think?” Grandpa Su suggested.

“Grandpa, what kind of bet is that?” Su Yu asked, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

“What, are you scared of losing?” Grandpa Su patted his grandson’s shoulder happily.


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