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(Desperation Leads to Inspiration (3)

“Is that… Ning?” Huo Mian asked with uncertainty as she looked at the short-haired girl.

“See, I told you that Mian has a good memory. She can definitely figure it out.” Mrs. Qin smiled proudly.

Her daughter-in-law, who not long ago was still a thorn in her side, had become the biggest source of pride in her life, even bigger than her son Qin Chu. Though Huo Mian had always kept a low profile and never showed off, what she did recently really touched Qin Chu’s parents. This girl, at such a critical moment like this, handled the whole situation, leaving everyone touched.

Everyone said that meeting a great man like Qin Chu was Huo Mian’s luck. But, it now seemed like meeting a woman like Huo Mian was every man’s dream. No woman could win a man’s heart with only her beauty.

But girls like Huo Mian usually didn’t rely on their beauty anyway.

The short-haired girl stared at Huo Mian and smiled gently.

“Hi, Sis-in-Law.”

Huo Mian walked over and looked over her lovingly. “I’ve heard so much about you but it’s my first time meeting you in person. You look much prettier than your photos, you’re so cute!”

Huo Mian never said false flattering things in order to make someone happy.

She really thought this girl was pretty and cute and had a sweet smile.

So who exactly was this short haired girl?

It turned out that she was the daughter of Qin Chu’s uncle, Qin Hong, who immigrated to the U.S. years earlier and was now living in Hawaii.

Qin Hong was also a famous Chinese expatriate and had his own business in America.

He was the sibling of Qin Chu’s dad and they had a really good relationship.

Qin Chu’s uncle stayed in the U.S. after finishing his studies and strived for many years. Nowadays he was already a famous person in upper society.

They had always had a close relationship. All this time, his uncle had been trying to persuade his brother to immigrate to the States. But Qin Chu’s dad had close connections to his hometown and didn’t want to leave, so he never agreed.

When the issue happened to the company, Qin Chu’s uncle was negotiating a project in South America.

After he went back to the U.S., he found out that something serious had happened in China. Therefore, he immediately came back with his daughter.

Qin Ning was a close relative of Qin Chu’s, and when Qin Chu was studying in the U.S., she visited him at school several times with her dad.

Huo Mian had seen pictures of this girl while she was at the Qin Manor. Although they were pictures from five or six years ago, she hadn’t changed much.

That was why Huo Mian recognized Qin Ning almost immediately.

“Ning, if you are here, where’s your dad?”

“My dad is here too. He’s in the director’s office, discussing my uncle’s surgery.”

Huo Mian nodded.

“Sis-in-Law, I’ve heard about you a long time ago.” Qin Ning walked over and smiled mysteriously.

Not even letting Huo Mian respond, Qin Ning continued, “I saw from my cousin’s cell phone. Ha. I saw it secretly. He didn’t allow anyone to touch his phone so I knew there must be some secrets. When I finally unlocked his phone, I was shocked. It was full of your pictures. In those pictures, you were still so young and cute.”

Hearing what Qin Ning had said, Huo Mian smiled shyly.

“You checked his phone secretly and he didn’t get mad at you?”

“Just because of that, he didn’t talk to me for an entire month. Luckily I lied to make things better. My cousin is always cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He treated me really well. When my mom passed away, in order to cheer me up, he skipped class for a week to take me to Disneyland.”

Qin Ning’s mom passed away five years ago from a car accident, and Qin Chu’s uncle didn’t find someone else and just lived his life with his young daughter. Perhaps that was why Qin Chu spoiled his younger cousin to no end.

Afterward, Qin Ning held onto Huo Mian’s hand and asked secretly, “Sis, did my cousin actually kill someone?”



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