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( Let’s See Who’s More Ruthless (2)

Huo Mian’s fast reflexes allowed her to quickly catch the bottle of water. Then, she unscrewed it and took a sip. With a smile, she said, “Thanks for the water, I was thirsty.”

“You bitch… I’m going to teach you a lesson…” The middle-aged woman charged angrily towards Huo Mian, and the latter immediately spat out the water in her mouth right onto the middle-aged woman’s face and clothes, drenching her in a split second.

“Did you just spit water at me?”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t do it on purpose.” Huo Mian smiled.

“What are you all standing there for? Kill this bitch!” The middle-aged woman provoked the people around them, but before they could react, Huo Mian slowly opened her mouth to say, “Do whatever you want… but there are HD cameras all around so if you touch me, I won’t let you get away with it. Oh, I should probably tell you that a year ago, my husband heavily insured every part of my body. My head is worth 50 million yuan… so you should probably avoid that area, the other parts of my body are cheaper… about 20 or 30 million yuan at most… It’s okay if you can’t compensate me for any injuries. Worst comes to worst, you can just go to jail for twenty or thirty years instead… Come on, hit me, I promise I won’t fight back.”

After saying all this, Huo Mian extended her arms and smiled at the crowd, but no one dared to move, not even an inch…

Huo Mian was the Young Madam of GK; she might be divorced, but she had at dozens of billions in the bank, so why would she lie about the heavy insurance?

At this moment, no one was stupid enough to hit her, nor could they afford to…

“Anyone want to beat me up?” Huo Mian glanced around, but no one moved nor said anything. “If you’re not going to beat me up, I need to go to the company now. Can you move?”

Then, she made her way out of the crowd; no one stopped her and some even made way for her in fear that she would get hurt.

A small and weak woman used a few words to shut hundreds of shareholders up; when the media outlets reported this incident, Huo Mian once again became the center of attention.

The video of her talking to the middle-aged women made it onto various websites and over the span of a few hours, countless fans showed their support for Huo Mian.

Naturally, the slander and defamation died down.

Most of the comments were positive…

“Huo Mian, you’re so brave! If I were you, I would’ve admitted defeat a long time ago!”

“Dr. Huo, you’re amazing, I love your personality.”

“Mian, you’re still awesome and domineering as ever, haha. Did you scare the unreasonable and greedy opportunists shitless?”

“Mian, hold on, everything will be better soon, I know Mr. Qin didn’t commit murder.”

“You can do it, iron-lady. I’ll always support you!”

“Dr. Huo, we’re fans of Dr. Jiang and will always stand on your side.”

Huo Mian didn’t feel happy after reading all the comments on Weibo; truth be told, she didn’t care about the netizens’ attitudes towards her because it made no difference, no matter what they said.

She’d rather if Mayor Song believed her or even gave her a chance to talk to him; that way, she would have a chance to rip off Huo Siqian’s mask.

“Young Madam, it’s time for lunch.”

“I’m not hungry, you guys go ahead.” Huo Mian had her head down as she went through the pile of documents on her office desk.

Bella and Yang felt bad for Huo Mian; President Qin would be heartbroken if he knew how much work Huo Mian was doing.

Suddenly, Yang missed Qin Chu more than ever, and he couldn’t help but burst into tears, leaving Bella speechless. “Hey, come on, you’re a man, why are you crying?”

“I miss President Qin,” Yang said as he wiped off his tears; if it weren’t for Qin Chu, he would still be a little employee at a small company…

Although President Qin was strict and seemed indifferent, he treated Yang very well. He gave him vacation days and a lot of bonuses and Yang felt fulfilled working for a boss like him.

He even wanted to work at GK until he retired – what a great life that would be.

However, now that President Qin was in trouble… people were losing hope and some even left the company at a sensitive time like this.

Perhaps Yang felt too much pressure recently, he could no longer control his emotions…

Huo Mian looked up at the two assistants and slightly sighed. Then, she asked, “Do you guys trust me?”


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