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(Only Huo Mian Was Still Trying (9)

After hearing what Huo Siqian said, everyone was furious.

Just as Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling were about to run up to him, they heard Huo Mian say to Huo Siqian with a smile, “When it’s your funeral, I will wear even more black than this.”

“Thank you, but I won’t live a short life. I will live really long because I will accompany you.”

“Huo Siqian, pay attention to what you say!” Gao Ran was angry.

“Don’t spend time arguing here. It’s meaningless. Let’s go.”

Huo Mian was calm, although in her heart she also hated Huo Siqian to death.

But, she wanted to see Qin Chu more.

The group entered the court. Mayor Song arrived very late, with police cars leading the way and blocking the reporters on the sides.

He was wearing a black suit and appeared in court with a low profile. He sat down in the first row on the right, next to Huo Siqian.

“Dad, relax. Qin Chu will pay for his crime,” Huo Siqian whispered to Mayor Song.

Mayor Song remained silent with a grave face.

Huo Mian’s group of friends sat off to the left.

” I wonder what slanderous words that asshole Huo Siqian’s telling Mayor Song. It pisses me off,” Zhu Lingling cursed.

Gao Rao held her hands tightly. “Don’t worry. He will reap the whirlwind and karma will catch up. It won’t end well for him.”

Jiang Xiaowei put her hand on her bulging belly, while Wei Liao picked up a white jacket and placed it over her shoulders.

Huo Mian sat next to Jiang Xiaowei and seemed a little nervous.

During the days that Qin Chu spent in jail, she missed him so much.

But, she didn’t have a chance to visit him.

It took about ten minutes before all the court staff settled in.

“Bring up the suspect, Qin Chu,” ordered the main judge.

Huo Mian was so nervous that she kept her hands crossed and looked down at the entrance.

Qin Chu walked out, escorted by two police officers.

He was wearing cold metal handcuffs.

“It’s Qin Chu.” Zhu Lingling pointed to his direction and looked over with Gao Ran.

The moment Huo Mian saw Qin Chu, Huo Mian’s eyes teared up.

He had lost some weight and looked a little haggard, but was still handsome.

Mr. Qin’s face was generally accepted to be one that no one, including Su Yu, Huo Siqian, or even some celebrities, could compare to.

That sheer force of character was something you were naturally born with.

The moment Qin Chu walked in, he looked up and stared into Huo Mian’s eyes.

Then, the corner of his mouth lifted up into a bright smile.

Huo Mian couldn’t stop her tears from falling down.

She stood up, fighting the urge to run up and hug him.

“Mian, you can’t go.” Jiang Xiaowei dragged Huo Mian away.

Qin Chu gave Huo Mian a look that meant to say that he was fine and not to worry.

Then he walked over to the defendant’s dock…

The prosecutors that the police hired started a long and fierce confrontation with GK’s own legal team.

There was a story that happened before all that, too. Originally Qin Chu’s case would be taken care of by the famous Chinese lawyer Dennis Wu himself.

But strangely, the day before Dennis was going to come to China, he was attacked and shot in America.

Even though his life was not in danger, he couldn’t leave the hospital and therefore he couldn’t make it to Qin Chu’s trial.

Both Rick and Huo Mian knew that it wasn’t a coincidence. It was Huo Siqian. But they didn’t have proof.

The prosecutor was tough, too. He was also a famous lawyer in the country. It was said that Mayor Song appointed him personally.

He looked at Qin Chu and asked, “On the day of the murder, around 3 AM, where were you?”

“I was at Song Yishi’s villa.”

“What were you there for?”

“She sent me a text saying that she had something important to say.”

“What important thing? Did she tell you?”

Qin Chu glanced at Huo Siqian, who was sitting at the gallery seats.

Huo Siqian gave Qin Chu an aggressive and devious smile.




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