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( Huo Mian’s Wish (6)

“Qin Chu left before 3 AM, and I killed Song Yishi after he left. So, there’s not a big time difference, and it made you guys mistake that Qin Chu was the murderer.”

“You were apparently at South Hill Manor the night of the incident, why was there no footage of you leaving? Qin Chu was the only one who drove out,” He Hongfei knew the case thoroughly and asked the key question.

Huo Mian, however, calmly answered every single question.

“I hid in the trunk of Qin Chu’s car when he left. He didn’t know about it, and the security footage didn’t catch me.”

“How did you come back? When did you come back? If Qin Chu left first, you couldn’t have ridden his car back. According to him, you were already home when he was back. There are differences in the time.” Officer He didn’t let a single detail go answered.

“I didn’t take Qin Chu’s car on my way back. I called a cab and jumped the wall on the back side of South Hill Manor. I knew that there was a broken hole there that wasn’t fixed, so it was convenient and I wouldn’t be seen by the camera.”

“Can you tell me the plate number of the cab?”

“Officer, it was really late, and I’ve just committed murder. I was so scared, how could I remember?” Huo Mian mockingly smiled.

“Why didn’t you turn yourself in when Qin Chu was taken into custody?”

“Because I thought he would be fine. After all, he didn’t kill her. It looks like you were still able to make him the scapegoat without direct evidence. I’m so impressed, haha.”

Huo Mian’s single line angered Officer He.

“Ms. Huo Mian, please watch your tone. What do you mean by making him the scapegoat? We pressed charges under sufficient evidence. Please, do not doubt the ability of the police.”

Huo Mian smiled. “According to what I know, my husband couldn’t even tell you the exact details of Song Yishi’s death. You still treated him as a murderer. Isn’t that a joke in of itself?”

Upon hearing what Huo Mian said, Officer He was at a loss of words…

The police officers and lawyers present also couldn’t utter out a word.

It looked like none of them could answer Huo Mian’s question…

“It looks like you really did kill her…”

“Of course I did, and it’s only natural for you to suspect my husband. After all, he’s the last person who ever saw Song Yishi. I was mad when Song Yishi texted my husband that day, I felt even angrier when he wouldn’t let me go with him… So, I snuck onto his car… You know what happened after.”

“You’re shorter and lighter compared to Song Yishi, how did you overpower her?”

“Officer, don’t underestimate my strength. I’m a doctor, I’ve performed countless surgeries, this isn’t difficult for me.” Huo Mian continued smiling.

“What weapon did you use to suffocate the victim?” Officer He asked one last question.

That was also the most important question…

The weapon used was important information that nobody else knew.

However, Huo Mian did say that Song Yishi died of suffocation, and that was correct.

What she used to suffocate Song Yishi, however, was another extremely key point in this case.

After five seconds of silence…

Huo Mian slowly said, “The weapon was the bedsheet, I suffocated her with the bedsheet.”

With his eyes wide open, Officer He stared at Huo Mian…

He pointed to Huo Mian and said, “She’s the murderer.”

He never announced to the public that Song Yishi was suffocated with a bedsheet.

They only confirmed that she died of suffocation and was dismembered.

“Impossible, how could Huo Mian be the murderer? Don’t forget, Song Yishi’s corpse was precisely dismembered! She wouldn’t even bear to kill a bunny, how could she do something like this?” Su Yu couldn’t stay calm any longer and yelled at Officer He.


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