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( Huo Mian’s Wish (7)

Detective He turned around to look at Su Yu. Then, he glanced around the courtroom and said, “You’ve all seemed to have forgotten that Huo Mian is a brilliant doctor. From what I know, she’s incredibly skilled. A few months ago, she passed the exams and received a doctor’s qualification certificate. One of the exams was dissection. She was the quickest and her techniques were near perfect.”

Everyone was shocked by Detective Huo’s words…

“Impossible! No! It’s not her, not her…” Su Yu shouted uncontrollably as he tried to make his way up to the stand.

“Su Yu, calm down. We’re in court.” Tang Chuan held onto Su Yu, his heart wrenching for his friend.

He held onto him tightly, afraid that Su Yu might do something stupid…

Huo Mian, however, still kept a light smile on her face…

“This woman… this psychopath, how could she do that to my daughter?! I want her dead!”

Mayor Song bit into every word…

On the side, Huo Siqian was silent as could be…

Huo Mian didn’t kill Song Yishi… because it was him.

He performed such perfect dismembering… It was as if he was completing some artistic masterpiece.

He thought this time, Qin Chu would be done for sure.

The most Mian would think of was either medical parole outside of prison or breaking him out of prison altogether.

For this, he even came up with many counters.

If she was going to send him out to receive treatment, Huo Siqian would have his men kill Qin Chu before he could leave prison.

If she was going to break him out of prison, he would blow up the prison truck before Huo Mian had a chance.

Unfortunately, Huo Mian didn’t do what Huo Siqian thought she would do.

Rather, she chose the most impossible option.

It was as if they were in a chess game and she was eating her own pieces.

It was such a desperate move, but it made Huo Siqian completely helpless.

“Stupid girl… how could you treat me like this? How cruel of you.” Huo Siqian was livid.

Several days ago, while they were having dinner, Huo Mian had talked about having a competition in being ruthless.

At the time, he even laughed at her naivety and thought she was cute.

Now? The last thing he could do was laugh…

Huo Mian was truly more ruthless than he was.

She was willing to sacrifice herself to save Qin Chu…

What surprised Huo Siqian the most was Huo Mian’s knowledge of the murder case’s unreleased details. How did she get that information?

She remembered those details almost better than Huo Siqian, the actual murderer. How insane is that?

Huo Siqian almost questioned Huo Mian’s vision… Did she have X-ray vision? Were they superhuman eyes?

The truth? Was Huo Mian superhuman? Of course she wasn’t.

She was just an average person without any supernatural abilities or magical powers.

She was just a bit smarter than most, preferring to cover all grounds.

“Your honor, I’ve finished my line of questioning. I am certain that Huo Mian’s the real murderer. She answered all the answers correctly. This information is highly sensitive and hasn’t been revealed to the public.”

“Alright… then I have no choice but to have the police arrest suspect Huo Mian,” the judge announced.

“Your honor, wait.”

“Do you have anything else to say?” The judge glared at Huo Mian.

“Before you arrest me, please release my husband. He’s clearly innocent and you’ve wrongly imprisoned him for so long. You are not going to keep holding him, right?”

The judge looked a bit embarrassed upon hearing this. He then glanced at Detective He before saying, “I hereby announce that suspect Qin Chu’s innocent. He’s to be released immediately.”

Huo Mian breathed a sigh of relief at the sound of Qin Chu’s immediate release.

Soon after, two policemen arrested Huo Mian. The cuffs felt like ice around her wrists.

Cuffs were immediately taken off of Qin Chu and he was immediately released.

When the couple passed each other, Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian with teary eyes. “Mian… do you know that you’ll get the death penalty?” His voice was hoarse.


“Then why did you do this?” Qin Chu was gutted. He stared into Huo Mian’s eyes, trying his best not to cry.


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