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( Huo Mian’s Wish (2)

The procedure of the second trial was similar to the first trial. All of the evidence was re-submitted, and the court prosecutor asked Qin Chu some critical questions to the case.

During the whole process, Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu’s face serenely. Her eyes were so full of love that it seemed like there was only one man on earth — Qin Chu.

There was so much cherishing, so much warmth.

“Mian, don’t worry. Qin Chu will be fine.” Zhu Lingling sensed Huo Mian’s unusual behavior, so she put her hand on Huo Mian’s and held her tightly.

That day after she went home, she sent a lot of WeChat messages to Huo Mian.

But Huo Mian never answered her directly, only giving short answers. After some random conversation here and there, she said she was tired and wanted to sleep.

However, Zhu Lingling got the feeling that there was something wrong with all this.

Huo Mian had been under so much pressure recently, was thinking too much, and went to sleep by herself. Would it be possible that she was suffering from depression and was trying to hide it?

If that were true, it would be a serious issue.

Because people suffering from severe depression could do a lot of dangerous things.

Upon receiving Zhu Lingling’s consolation, Huo Mian just turned around, looked at her, and smiled.

But the more relaxed Huo Mian acted, the more nervous Zhu Lingling became.

After spending these years together, there would definitely be some telepathy between these best friends.

After both side’s lawyers made closing statements and the judge was about to announce the verdict, Huo Mian suddenly stood up and said in front of everyone, “Honorable Judge, I have something to say.”

At this moment, everyone looked over at Huo Mian.

Including Qin Chu.

Even he had no idea what on earth Huo Mian was going to do this time.

“Family of the suspect, please speak up,” The judge knew their relationship so he nodded for her to proceed.

“Honorably Judge, I would like to turn myself in,” Huo Mian said slowly; she sounded calm, but her voice was loud and instantly spread to every corner of the courtroom.

“Turn yourself in?” The judge was shocked.

Qin Chu showed panic in his eyes, too.

Su Yu, Gao Ran, and Zhu Lingling’s expression were filled with shock, and even Huo Siqian’s expression was complicated.

Everyone was stunned; all except Jiang Xiaowei.

Wei Liao looked at Huo Mian and then looked at Jiang Xiaowei, who was sitting next to him.

He saw her, covering her belly with one hand, and subtly wiping away tears with the other.

“Xiaowei, you knew, didn’t you?” Wei Liao asked her with a frown.

That day on the way home after dinner, Wei Liao felt something was wrong and asked Jiang Xiaowei several times. But Jiang Xiaowei didn’t answer.

Now it looked like Jiang Xiaowei already knew and didn’t stop Huo Mian.

But Jiang Xiaowei was sad. She was sad about what Huo Mian chose to do.

But at the same time, she understood Huo Mian’s love for Qin Chu.

“Huo Mian, what nonsense are you talking about?” Su Yu was the first to come back to his senses, and he stood up immediately.

The Qin family members who were sitting behind Huo Mian were all confused too, and had no idea what was happening.

The officer from the major crime unit, He Hongfei, looked at Huo Mian sternly. “Mrs. Qin, this is a homicide case, not something you can joke about. It’s not something you can admit casually. Taking someone’s life is a serious matter. I’m gently reminding you to think twice before speaking.”

“I’ve thought it through already. The person was indeed killed by me and my husband is innocent. Recently I haven’t been able to eat well or sleep well, and I figured that I shouldn’t have my husband bear this accusation. It’s not fair to him, so that’s why I want to surrender.”

“Huo Mian, are you crazy?” Zhu Lingling’s face immediately changed while pointing at Huo Mian.

“I’m not crazy. I killed her.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Due to the complicity, please bring up Mrs. Qin. We will take care of this situation accordingly.”

Once the judge saw that someone was admitting to the homicide, he immediately decided to reevaluate the case.

Mayor Song stared at Huo Mian with a dark expression on his face.


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