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( What is Huo Mian Really Trying to Do? (7)

“I didn’t think that you’d be able to see everything so clearly.”

Huo Mian was impressed by Ni Yang.

The young boy had seen through so much and spoke so meaningfully.

Huo Mian thought this world lacked trustworthy and loyal people.

When she was browsing a news site, there were many articles about philanthropists and rescue workers who sacrificed themselves to save others with comments about how great they were.

One comment, in particular, was carved into Huo Mian’s memory.

The netizen commented, “If the price of being a good guy is to put yourself at a disadvantaged position, then sorry, I don’t want to be the good guy.”

Huo Mian did yell at Yingzi out of anger and shut her up with the default payment.

However, she never really meant to charge Yingzi twice the default payment.

She even thought of letting Ni Yang go…

He didn’t have to, nor was he obligated to persist through the company’s crisis with her.

However, Ni Yang made his own decision to be empathetic and loyal.

It made Huo Mian feel that everything she did for Ni Yang before was worth it.

She should help kind hearted-people like him…

“Sis, it’s settled. I’ve terminated my contract with Yingzi’s studio. From now on, I’m no longer a part of her team. I’ve made loads of money for her over the years. As I’ve said, as long as the company’s here, I’ll be here. If it goes down, I’ll just retire… It’s perfect, I’ll have all the time to enjoy my life. Don’t think about it too much, I know you’re stressed, so I didn’t message you… I believe that you and President Qin can persist through it, you’re so strong and smart…”

“Okay, kiddo… Stop praising me, I’ll start flying if you compliment me anymore,” Huo Mian laughed.

“You should fly. You’re worth it because you’re Huo Mian,” Ni Yang said, word for word, as he stared into her eyes.

“Oh boy, you’ve moved me again… Damn, I don’t know what’s with me lately, I’m so emotional and cry way too often… Seriously…” Huo Mian wiped the corners of her eyes and complained…

“Okay, don’t be so emotional, haha… Try looking past it. Like you’ve said, other than life and death, nothing else really matters in the end…”

“That is true.” Huo Mian nodded.

“That’ll be all then, carry on with your stuff. I’ll go see Jie at South Side… After all this, we’ll take you two out to dinner…”

“Okay.” Huo Mian smiled as she really liked listening to Ni Yang’s kind and warm words.

After Ni Yang left, Huo Mian lowered her head and sank herself in paperwork.

She worked all the way until 7 PM, and just as she walked out of the company in search for food, her mother-in-law called.


“Mian, please come quickly.”

“What’s wrong?” hearing her anxious tone, Huo Mian immediately asked.

“Mian, your father, he…”

“What happened to Dad?” Huo Mian’s heart tightened.

“Your dad’s been in a bad mood recently, he has been losing sleep at night. I thought he was worried about the company and Chu… I didn’t think much about it, but I just found him missing…”

“What do you mean missing?”

“He’s standing on the hospital rooftop, he wants to die… No matter what I said, he won’t come back. Please hurry.”

Mrs. Qin kept on crying and crying…

Huo Mian’s heart dropped upon hearing what she said. “Mom, wait for me, I’ll be there immediately.”


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