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( Major Homicide (9)

“We have reason to suspect that had an affair with Song Yishi. She threatened you and forced you to divorce your wife, whom you love very much… You were unhappy with that, so you confronted her when you two didn’t reach an agreement, and you might’ve killed her by accident. Perhaps you regret cheating on your wife with her and felt sorry for your wife. You hated her too, so after killing her, you chopped her up to release your anger…”

“Are you accusing me of having an affair with Song Yishi? What a bunch of nonsense…” Qin Chu thought that the cop had a talent for story-making.

It was too far from reality…

“What is this then?” He Hongfei asked as he handed Qin Chu a red diary.

Qin Chu took it and slowly opened it…

He Hongfei continued, “We found Song Yishi’s diary in her house. She recorded her affair with you in detail. You didn’t want anyone to find out and were very secretive… She loved you so much and used it against you, making you divorce your wife… That did not please you at all… We ran tests, it was her own handwriting.”

Seeing the diary made Qin Chu’s blood turn cold…

He finally understood that he fell right into the very trap Huo Siqian laid for him.

Huo Siqian already began spreading his web when he first threatened Qin Chu.

Forcing him to divorce Mian was only a cover-up. Huo Siqian’s real intention was to put him to death.

Murder was punishable by death, and the method of killing was so cruel as to dismember her after the fact.

Who was Song Yishi? She was the daughter of Mayor Song.

It seemed like Qin Chu wouldn’t be able to ever prove his innocence since all the evidence pointed to him being the biggest and only suspect.

They could go straight to court and prosecute him with all the evidence at hand…

“What? You can’t defend yourself anymore?” He Hongfei stared at Qin Chu and coldly asked.

“No, I just think that given everything, I surrender.”

“What do you mean by ‘surrender’?”

“I was set up. If I said someone set me up, would you believe me?” Qin Chu asked as he smiled helplessly; he once wondered if Huo Siqian would hire a hitman and assassinate him, but he never thought that Huo Siqian would commit such a heinous crime just to get to him.

No matter how much Qin Chu hated Song Yishi, he would never go so far as to dismember her.

She was a living, breathing person. He wouldn’t kill her like livestock.

Thinking about how Song Yishi passed away so tragically made Qin Chu’s heart ache.

“Who set you up?” He Hongfei took an interest in that subject.

“Even if I said it, you wouldn’t believe it.”

“How would I know if you don’t say it?”

“I guess that when Song Yishi died, Huo Siqian had an alibi, right?”

“Huo Siqian? Song Yishi’s husband?” He Hongfei was taken back by surprise.

Qin Chu remained silent…

He Hongfei continued to say, “You’re right. Huo Siqian failed as a husband. He was having an affair with a superstar, Mo Xue’er. Somebody saw them drink at Seductive Fox until twelve, and then he drove his Rolls Royce Phantom to Mo Xue’er’s apartment. He never left. There was security footage, and Mo Xue’er can testify. They only found out this morning when we informed them, they were quite surprised too…”

“I knew it, haha,” Qin Chu laughed bitterly.

Huo Siqian had high stakes this time and paid with a human life, giving Qin Chu no room to breathe.

“You think Huo Siqian did it?” Officer He asked.


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